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  1. Now its exactly the same, i generated the load sheet, and init. then i ordered the fuel truck, and the truck asking me what i want. when i click 90% fuel the plane bounce down fully refuled and the truck drives off. He doesnt fuel really. In the smaller busses the refueling process is about 3-5 minutes depending the amount i also dont get the question in the folder with the oder busses.
  2. Hi thank you for your reply Well, i hope so, i init the load sheet and order the fuel truck now i hope he just begins to refuel, if it is not the case, i ll write you
  3. Hi I d like to refuel the 330 with the GSX fueltruck. Therefore i generate my loadsheet and order the truck in the menu. When he is in position the GSX system asks me the amount of fuel (shown in the picture) But with the smaller busses i dont have this "problem", i set the load sheet, the truck arrives and begins to refuel. With the A330 it doesnt work propperly, because when i set 70% as in the picture shown, the fuel is in the tank immediately and the truck drives back. Is there a possibility to fix that or do i have wrong settings? Cheers
  4. I remaked when i open for example the 2d engine display in the VC with the keyboard shortcutt, that the plane does a set-back of the fuel amount. (not sure the shortcutt is ctrl +8 or ctrl+9) So when i am during a fligt and press the shortcutt to have the 2d panel of the engine monitor i suddenly have 59% fuel again, as i took off in LSGG 4 hours ago. Dont know if this has already reported before? Thanks Pascal
  5. thx for your help Yeah, becaus in the videos the flightpath shown on the nav display is much thiner and sharper. Does it look similar in your sim? I try this now, otherwise it is time for a new craphiccard and ram and a processor.
  6. hmm, i am sorry if i didnt understand everything correct. The problem that i have not proper displays in the cockpit is a graphic problem?
  7. So you mean it is because of not enough praphic performance?
  8. @Mathijs Kok thx for your help. i first did the settings as in your manual. but they are still not readable. as in te picture Do i use wrong settings? C++ is the newest, hdr is on
  9. Heei thank you for your reply hdr is on, but bloom ist on 0.15. i ll try this
  10. Hi guys I noticed that the cockpit displays are slightly blury. They are not „sharp“ as in the 18-21 busses. Tho VC looks phenomenal! It is HD and works perfectly, just the displays are not in HD. With the normal captain view and a zoom of approximately 0.45 (not wide view) and the recommended settings (as in the introduction sheets) i am not able to read the parameters and values of the engine data for example. Also the navigation display looks a bit blured and the green flightpath is thiker than usual. do i have wrong or missing graphic settings or is there a special recommendation who can solve this? in the video and on youtube the displays are „sharp“ and good readable. cheers Pascal
  11. Hallo Ich habe das Update gemacht und nun funktioniert der Autopilot nicht mehr. Bzw, ich habe alles so gemacht wie immer, Routing mit SimBrief, Loadsheet, Checklisten usw. Ist das bei euch auch so? Liegt es daran dass ich noch mit P3D 4.4 fliege? Weis jemand woran es liegen kann? (btw, ich habe mehrere Routings getestet, sogar die einfachsten oder manuell und es funktioniert nicht, MCDU sollte auch alles drin sein.) Grüsse der Pascal
  12. Hi I also have the problem, that my bus isn't following the route anymore... I dont know why, made the flightplan in simbrief, loadsheet generated, did all the checklists. Is this because of P3D 4.4? Is it necessary to have 4.5? Routing : VEBI3W VEBIT T50 ROTOS UZ669 VADAR DCT NINTU UN869 NASOS UL27 BLN BL1DCQ LSZHLEMG01.flp
  13. Hey i had a mail chat a fiew weeks ago with the guys from TSS! It is not the final version, the howl spooling up soud will also be a part of the package. So top TSS quality as usual! 💪🏻👍🏻
  14. Dave, it was so nice from you to help me with that issue. It was a great help, and i learned a lot. @DaveCT2003 thank you for your time.
  15. Ok, i try For try it is a very simple route actually just from departure point or SID to SID arrival point. My exact route is: LSZH28, WIL3V departure (LSZH28, KLO23, BREGO, ZH555, ZH551, WIL) , to LSGG22( ILS) (PETAL, GG808, ISW40, LSG22) This is the arrival: As soon as i want to connect WIL with PETAL this happens: The funy thing is, when i incert direct to (PETAL) it works! With the route in the already mentioned problem , it is exactly the same! I am not able to incert FERDI, and if i do, it is not connected with the WP before.
  16. Hi Dave Thats awsome! very kind of you. Yes i am here in 4 hours. Ok i try to get the old cycle 1902, hope i can find it.
  17. Ok, did the whole procedure again. Is not working, exactly the same mcdu situation as in the pictures. Then deinstalled the whole busses, installed them again as admin, reboot, loaded the newest airac, and nothing gas changed. I cant fly over easter:( (is there a possibility to download the earlier version from rhe busses?)
  18. Good morning Dave thank you for your help. Well i gave the bus several minutes to load, then did the checklist and then went to mcdu procedure. I try the whole thing today again. If that doesnt help, i ll do a complete deinstallation, reinstallation.
  19. And now i noticed that the mcdu is constantly doing calculations altough i havn't inserted or changed anything
  20. yes, did new start. And set fisr the buss to turn around. And now i checked the A320, and it is the same. This morning, with the experimental version, it was no problem. I deinstalled the old version with the aerosoft deinstaller, installed the new one, did reboot and now it isnt working anymore.
  21. Hi all I have updated just rightnow my busses to Now i cant connect routes in the mcdu propperly anymore. As soon is i want to connect a short flight from LSZH to LSGG or LSZH to LOWW my whole routing dissapear. I try to explain, as an example LSZH to LSGG in A319 Take off via RW28, WIL3V departure and in LSGG ILS22, as soon as i want to connect WIL with PETAL WP my routing in LSZH dissapears. Example in the picture. The same with LOWW. Here is my routing.. and now i'd like to connect WIL with PETAL, as a simple routing.. And now this happens. Does anyone have an idea? (btw, new NDP is updated) Thank you for your help Cheers Pascal
  22. Hi I just updated the QW 787 with NavdataPro under P3d V4 and the Zurich departure VEBIT3S is not correct shown on the Nav Display. (compare charts) The Mega Airporz ZRH is installed. Does anybody know what could be wrong, or how to fix that? Is it a problem from QW? Greetings
    hi i just installed the livery with the liverymanager, but it didnt work, have no swiss 321 hb ioo in the fleet did i make a mistake?
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