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  1. Trusting you to do what is right by your customers. It's time to fix this.
  2. OMG! Please don't take it personally! I said what I did because of the reasons you stated. It's just the way it is! For the record, the Airbuses from Aerosoft, first the ones for FSX and now the professional series have been a source of tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment, so, please, don't take what I said the wrong way. I am 65 years old, and I didn't mean it in the way a youngster would, feeling entitled and not getting their way. I meant it as a man who hasn't gotten his way many times in life and that's just the way things are. You live with it and that is life! Thanks for all you do, whether I always agree with it or not. You guys are appreciated.
  3. Hanse, I know I'll just have to accept what Aerosoft is doing. That's life!
  4. No problem, except, if you're flying on a network and you have traffic taxiing behind you. If the taxiing is a short distance from gate to runway, you can hold up traffic for a sizable amount of time while the checklist proceeds. Usually, the taxiing is longer and it's no problem. However, there are those short taxis that make it difficult.
  5. The problem is we're not in the real world, so there are not two, but one working these checklists and so when on-line with vatsim, it really slows down the process.
  6. My version of Windows 10 is up to date. Version 19042.789
  7. Same for me on both P3D 5.1 and P3D 4.5 A320. System: CPU - Intel Core i9-10900K 10-Core 3.7 GHz MB - ASRock Z490 Taichi LGA 1200 GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti (1920 x 1080 60Hz) GPU - Driver 461.40 RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) Microsoft Windows 10 19042.789
  8. Same issue as UAL277. I have been adding liveries the old-fashioned way. Then they show up. I'm guessing that the clever livery manager borked the default livery manager????
  9. Perhaps it would be wise to create instructions for this livery manager. It may be a very clever liver manager once you stumble through this thread, but just telling people to download the manager and drage a zipped livery file over is a bit vague.
  10. Eagle_For, Did you create the "LiveryInstaller.txt" or did Holgi, the livery creator? It seems that combining what mousemansteven said with the video you provided, Eagle_For, that it is, indeed, a clever livery manager only for certain liveries, or liveries that you create a LiveryInstaller.txt for. Am I assuming correctly?
  11. I assumed (I know, that's a dangerous thing to do) that this, so called, clever livery manager worked with all liveries. Apparently not! Just a question: Why was this put forth as an alternative to the default livery manager without communicating that it only works with a few liveries with the "liveryinstaller.txt?"
  12. Yes, the default liveries are installed and they show up in the livery manager. I think Eagle_for is saying the same thing.
  13. mopperle, I will check this out later on today and get back to you. Thanks for replying.
  14. Anyone have any thoughts on why I'm getting this message?
  15. No, I installed 1.0 and then 2.0 as you suggested. When I tried to install a livery, same problem: "No product and aircraft model could be found for use with this livery."
  16. I am having the same problem as korundar. I am running 2.0, but a quick question, "Do you install 2.0 into a file, i.e., a specific Aerosoft directory?"
  17. Thanks, even though, as I said earlier, I just thought the difference between the CFM and IAE aircraft was different flight or performance dynamics. It really isn't a problem. I just fly the different aircraft a bit differently.
  18. OK, Dave. I think I've got all the info you need. I took off from 06R from KCLE. It's in the PDF, but redundancy is a good thing, right? I want to re-emphasize that this slow climb characteristic NEVER happens with CFM engines. It ALWAYS happens with IAE's, without exception. The Simbrief PDF is all the way at the bottom. KCLEKPHL_PDF_1584582809.pdf
  19. I will be posting my information later tonight.
  20. Perhaps I have, Dave. I use Simbrief per your instructions which I input into the ASfuelplanner, so do you want the Simbrief info or a picture of the ASfuelplanner? Is that what you mean by loadout?
  21. For me it's any route, any IAE bus (except, I haven't flown an A318), and any loadout. Honestly, the difference is so obvious I really thought it Aerosoft was modelling the different performance dynamics of the IAE and CFM engines.
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