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  1. mine doesnt get solved at all even with the updates .....whenever i update my kord to newer version my FS9 crashes ...so i think it would be good if any older versions of AES supported this airport without the updates it would be great....since i dont wanna risk each and every other AES workin scenery in my FS9....!
  2. yeah i got the same prb ...how do i get rid of it? its really annoying me ...i have already re-installed AES 1.96 hundred times and it still doesnt help...pls let me know how to fix this issue......! its really gettin on my nerves....and even the jetways go missing with the scenery protection msg!
  3. im using my heathrow with FS9 and i have uninstalled my FSX due to bad fps these days ....till i get my new graphics adapter....so im pretty much with my FS9 and i love it.!
  4. well guys the things is that...is there a solution to this problem or no? even with AFCAD modifications ...or not? that what matters really....if there isn't any i would say this scenery addon kills the whole reality experience of EGLL!....
  5. yup same problem here.....i always have correct parking codes in my cfg's as well but makes no difference at heathrow !
  6. that seems pretty bad then! whats the point of support forum when we gotta everything ourselves....! and i totally agree we payed for the product ....didnt steal it.....so we have the right to ask for support from them....! i dont mind changing it myself from AFCAD tool but still this means their product EGLL is still incomplete .......
  7. yeah its not there on aerosoft EGLL....and even i have a question somewhat similar to this....actually i wanted to know why i dont get assigned a correct gate for the specific airliner for example if i flew in to aerosoft heathrow in any airliner like United Airlines im sure its supposed to be assigned a gate near where others are parked around those terminal 3 areas even if there is a gate unoccupied....but im always assigned a gate 125 or 151 .....i dont understand this and i dont like this...please do let me know what can i do to prevent this....i soo wanna park at the right gate....! ...i would appreciate any help into this thank you!
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