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  1. There is already a realy good and free scenery for EBBR, honestly the scenery that Aerosoft is doing now looks amazing, but it seems that it's not a priority to release it quickly, so during this time we've the one in XP which works fine on XP11 and it's so much better than the old one that we have on FSX / P3D
  2. Glad to hear that, even after my bad reaction yesterday (i'm sorry about that) it's Nice to see how good are the details, I was very happy to see the CAE building that I know very well and if all the scenery is as good than that, it will be very nice
  3. Hi guys, I see on the Aerosoft website (in french) that the release date is about 02.06.2016, but on the english website it's in August, so could you tell us a little bit about the release??
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