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  1. Hi, I was wondering how can I change the engine type in the MCDU. "simtexture.de" is clearly not an engine type here. Thanks.
  2. Hello there. I've just updated my Airbus A320-A321 Professional to the latest version ( and I'm having issues with the newly implemented EFB. When I click on the links tab in the EFB my simulator crashes immediately. I checked the file directory of the EFB's assets and it appears to only have files for the A330 but not the A320-A321. I wonder why.
  3. hello again. I've updated to version and everything works fine now. cheers.
  4. I think it's version full log in the txt file version.txt
  5. it works fine with the A320 Professional, I'm only having this problem with the A330.
  6. It seems that the engines do not respond to the movement of the thrust levers on the A330 Professional. The weird thing is when I left click or scroll up on the thrust levers the engines spool up to about 70% N1 but the levers stay at idle and when I try to move the slider on my joystick (Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) it drops back to idle immediately. Oddly enough the reverse thrust does work. Anyone else having the same problem?
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