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  1. Well, after additional observations, it appears that using the Aerosoft Fuel Planner with the "above revised Extended Center Tank" maxfuelonboard 32800 kg, now permits the increased Center Tank fuel capacity in the Vehicle\Instrument Panel\Options MCDU\"Load\Fuel" window to also display the corrected maximum fuel amount, even though the "listed" maximum fuel amount of the Center Tank in the "Vehicle\Fuel and Payload" window remains at 14,606 lbs and, although, this maximum for the Center Tank is unchanged, the GSX Fuel Truck "overfills" this maximum 14,606 lbs to accommodate the required fuel for a flight from KJFK to KLAX (with the existing head winds at FL340). So my assumption that GSX is using the incorrect maximum in the Vehicle\Fuel and Payload window is incorrect and has no bearing on the fuel actually loaded. I would still like to locate the configuration file for that widow to change the maxim listed 14,606 to 21,791, unless it is "hard coded" into the aircraft. John
  2. To accommodate a flight from KJFK to KLAX (with existing winds at FL340) as recommended in Aerosoft forums to enlarge the center tank to real life extended tanks, I modified the Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_MCDU2 and the A3XX Fuel Planner\AircraftData to "maxfuelonboard 32800 kg" as suggested. Now I need the location of the "Vehicle\Fuel and Payload" Window configuration file to enable me to set the maximum fuel for the center tank from the existing 14,606 lbs as the 100% figure to accommodate 21,791 lbs as the 100% figure, leaving both wing tank containing 13,808 lbs each. As the GSX fuel truck uses the figures in this Fuel and Payload Window to fuel the aircraft appropriately. I have scoured all A321 configuration files and have been unable to locate such a configuration file. I must have missed it somewhere in both FSX and P3Dv4. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. John
  3. In an earlier post, I specifically requested information on any possible process of installing Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X outside of P3Dv4 and received no assistance in this regard from the Developer in his reply and, typically as of recent developments in this forum, he arbitrarily closed my post, permitting no reply to his resulting post, or from any other forum member. Is this a "German efficiency" thing now, closing member posts? How about leaving the posted request open for a few days so that someone, who may have a suggestion, to post it. John P. Parkinson
  4. Frank: Thanks. Downloaded and installed. At least these latest allow installation outside of P3Dv4, unlike Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X which forces a direct install into P3Dv4, and which is not recommended by either Aerosoft or P3Dv4. I was wondering though, that purchasers appear now to have also become Beta Testers, reporting bugs. I would have volunteered. <smile> John
  5. Developer Hans Hartmann, on July 20, 2018, posted a reply regarding allowing installation of Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X outside of the P3D folder (AS RECOMMENDED by both Aerosoft and P3Dv4): "no thanks. This may be standard with scenery, but experience from the A318/A319 Pro project shows that does nothing but make things really complicated for aircraft." (copied from the exact post of that date). So, which is it? I attempted to install Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X outside of P3Dv4 and the installation refused my file selection and installed the thing inside of P3Dv4 instead. Folks, I program and this is my computer and I purchased this program and would appreciate being able to organize my files in the matter that I select. I would like to know how to override this process and install this proggy in the location that I desire. I have all of my purchased Aerosoft and other provider aircraft outside of P3Dv4, including AI, except now for CRJ700-900-X, and am extremely familiar with the process of alerting P3Dv4 of the current location of these aircraft files. The developer's reply is, at the least, misinformed and particularly not the recommended process, and the post was closed prior to my, or those of others, comments, without cause, which now appears to be the standard closing of topics in this forum. John P. Parkinson
  6. Frank: If you know, could you please advise. Some time ago, when the bundled package was first offered, I purchased the entire A-318/319 package (installed the that one and am flying it) bundled with the then not completed A-320/A321 package. As I am familiar with the length of time that these packages have been in stated production and that no updated information has been sent to me as to a finished product and information regarding this package is confusing and relevant posts that I am able to locate are locked, when will the final A-320/A321 portion of the bundle that I purchased be ready for final installation. I really do not wish to install packages that have not been "completed" and bug free and I am getting older by the minute. Perhaps a moderator could join in John
  7. Folks: My original post referred to an apparent glitch, for 3 days in a row, in that the MCDU, when programmed with SID VTU8 (my AIRAC is current), displayed a 666 nm distant "apparent Waypoint", instead of the actual 3 nm distant SMO radial "154", whose cause was most probably explained by Mladen, in his post above, relating to errors in the MCDU. This "glitch" has since corrected itself by, as of yesterday, displaying the actual 3 nm distant radial. Then, somehow, the conversation changed into how the SID, with radar vectors, was to be flown (in real life), the procedure with which I was, and am still, extremely familiar as a (for years) certificated, but now retired, real life instrument rated commercial pilot and First Officer, instead of my suggestion as to how it could be flown, lacking actual ATC control (radar vectors) in an FSX environment, without such. I was discussing "simming" here, mainly without real and active ATC, and the actual currently published SID is VTU8, not, as I posted in error as "VTU7" (even though there are no actual changes in the SID). I thank you all for your interest, but I feel that there is nothing more to discuss, as the initial problem has corrected itself and this is still "simming"! John
  8. Mladen: Thanks for the reply. It makes some sort of sense now. What I was reporting occurred for the last 3 days, showing "154" to be 666 nm distant. Today, after all of this fuss, I entered the exact same data and "154" now displayed as 3 nm distant (as before), which is correct. I restarted and could not replicate the initial error. My IRAC is current. It must have been some type of computer glitch at my end. This problem never occurred prior. Sorry for all the conversation, if this actually was just a glitch. If it occurs again, I will post. Out of old habit, I always fly (now sim) this route, no longer for active pay though and now in an A320 "fly-by-wire" and "turn knobs" (you are supposed to only touch these knobs in flight when directed by ATC) lazy "wear out your fingertips" bus driving. <grin>. I even have a female Second Officer now <smile>. John Dave: Please mark this solved for now. John
  9. skelsey and DAVE, It just dawned on me that you BOTH are missing the actual point of this post. It has nothing to do with how to FLY this SID, (Radar Vectored and ATC directed) but rather that the MCDU is misinterpreting a "RADIAL" in this SID for a "WAYPOINT". Entering a flight into the MCDU as "KLAX/KSFO" then selecting KLAX and DEPARTURE and RWY 25R and VTU7 as the SID and RZS as the Transition, the MCDU's resulting display of "154" and "MANUAL", occurs by the MCDU having misinterpreted the SID's "RADIAL" as a "WAYPOINT" some 600 nm away, which should not happen (Period). An unsuspecting simmer, not realizing this error, would try to fly this programmed flight and try to figure out why the aircraft is heading 600 nm in the wrong direction, since there are no "ATC vectoring directions" provided in FSX.
  10. Thanks for the reply skelsey. "type=DF" Direct to a Fix or DF Leg." Besides, the problem is the erroneous automated entry "154" in the MCDU in response to the SID: SID,VTU7,25R,1 VR,0,SMO,154.0,251.0,3,3000 VM,0,0,0,251.0 DF,VTU,34.115058,-119.049492 Since ATC is not providing radar assist in this FSX flight, the entry observed in the MCDU was surprising. I have flown this SID. With ATC instructions, one simply turns the dials for heading and altitude in a manual flight until the autopilot can be engaged. Thanks again for your input. John And of course, DAVE, you are always helpful. John
  11. As no one has a better solution yet, I am offering this workaround that actually works: Using Jon Masterson's ADE, in KLAX, I ran a 154 radial from SMO past the extension of RWY 07L (the far end of RWY 25R), then ran an elongated line from RWY 25R across the 154 SMO radial to locate a center point onto which to center a new "Waypoint" (gathering the coordinates). In FSX's BGL Compiler, I created the new waypoint, naming it R1540 and added this new waypoint into Navigraph's Waypoint list, to cause the MCDU to recognize it. In FSX's Flight Planner, I re-routed my flight plan's SID through this new waypoint by name. In the MCDU, I deleted both the automated entries "154" and "Manual" and replaced these with the new waypoint and setting a 3,000 foot altitude limitation. On autopilot, the aircraft negotiates a "fly-by-wire" ascent to the SMO 154 radial at 3,000 feet, then turns toward VTU, continuing on course through the SID and beyond to KFSO, as it should. Somehow, the MCDU should be able to distinguish radials from waypoints, as SID's will continue to be published with radial acquisition. If I missed an easier method, please advise. John
  12. The A320 is a fly-by-wire aircraft and is kind of bothersome to fly manually, requiring to pause the aircraft upon reaching the SMO 154 radial and setting "direct to" VTU, then un-pausing to continue the flight. This is not normal for an A320.
  13. The reason for this error is that the automated entry "154" apparently refers not to a VOR radial, but a waypoint hundreds of miles distant. Therefore, I have deleted this entry in the MCDU and am manually flying the runway heading to an altitude of 3,000 feet until reaching the approximate SMO 154 radial (by setting both #1 and #2 VOR's) to the inbound heading of 334 and watching the display reach that approximate setting and turning toward VTU and finishing my Departure directed climb to 15,000 feet. Seems to work OK, when it could be done by the autopilot, with a correct radial setting. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. John
  14. KLAX SID VTU7 requires takeoff from RWY 25R to climb to 3,00 Ft on hdg 251 to the SMO 154 Radial, then dct VTU. (VR,0,SMO,154.0.3,000,251.0) (VM 251.0) (DF VTU). Left MCD automated entry results in "154", then "Manual", then "VTU", causing the aircraft to pass the 154 SMO Radial without further action to turn toward VTU. I recognize that the pilot is to turn ("Manual") when reaching or passing 3,000 feet at, or beyond, the 154 SMO radial, but there is no method to determine reaching, or passing, that radial, unless I am missing a setting. I have created a setting in the VOR section for SMO and the 154 Radial, but the display for the SMO VOR is too small to observe with Departure radio traffic, altitude observance, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  15. Hans, and good afternoon to you there. Thanks. I was used to having them displayed along the right side as soon as the SID/STAR is selected. Found them all using your page up and down method. Sorry for the bother, but again thanks for the solution. What threw me was only the last transition being displayed at KFSO when SSTIK3 was selected and none displayed at SADDE7. Saves a lot of manual entry. John
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