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  1. Well, after additional observations, it appears that using the Aerosoft Fuel Planner with the "above revised Extended Center Tank" maxfuelonboard 32800 kg, now permits the increased Center Tank fuel capacity in the Vehicle\Instrument Panel\Options MCDU\"Load\Fuel" window to also display the corrected maximum fuel amount, even though the "listed" maximum fuel amount of the Center Tank in the "Vehicle\Fuel and Payload" window remains at 14,606 lbs and, although, this maximum for the Center Tank is unchanged, the GSX Fuel Truck "overfills" this maximum 14,606 lbs to accommodate the required fuel for a flight from KJFK to KLAX (with the existing head winds at FL340). So my assumption that GSX is using the incorrect maximum in the Vehicle\Fuel and Payload window is incorrect and has no bearing on the fuel actually loaded. I would still like to locate the configuration file for that widow to change the maxim listed 14,606 to 21,791, unless it is "hard coded" into the aircraft. John
  2. To accommodate a flight from KJFK to KLAX (with existing winds at FL340) as recommended in Aerosoft forums to enlarge the center tank to real life extended tanks, I modified the Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_MCDU2 and the A3XX Fuel Planner\AircraftData to "maxfuelonboard 32800 kg" as suggested. Now I need the location of the "Vehicle\Fuel and Payload" Window configuration file to enable me to set the maximum fuel for the center tank from the existing 14,606 lbs as the 100% figure to accommodate 21,791 lbs as the 100% figure, leaving both wing tank containing 13,808 lbs each. As the GSX fuel truck uses the figures in this Fuel and Payload Window to fuel the aircraft appropriately. I have scoured all A321 configuration files and have been unable to locate such a configuration file. I must have missed it somewhere in both FSX and P3Dv4. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. John
  3. In an earlier post, I specifically requested information on any possible process of installing Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X outside of P3Dv4 and received no assistance in this regard from the Developer in his reply and, typically as of recent developments in this forum, he arbitrarily closed my post, permitting no reply to his resulting post, or from any other forum member. Is this a "German efficiency" thing now, closing member posts? How about leaving the posted request open for a few days so that someone, who may have a suggestion, to post it. John P. Parkinson
  4. Developer Hans Hartmann, on July 20, 2018, posted a reply regarding allowing installation of Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X outside of the P3D folder (AS RECOMMENDED by both Aerosoft and P3Dv4): "no thanks. This may be standard with scenery, but experience from the A318/A319 Pro project shows that does nothing but make things really complicated for aircraft." (copied from the exact post of that date). So, which is it? I attempted to install Aerosoft CRJ700-900-X outside of P3Dv4 and the installation refused my file selection and installed the thing inside of P3Dv4 instead. Folks, I program and this is my computer and I purchased this program and would appreciate being able to organize my files in the matter that I select. I would like to know how to override this process and install this proggy in the location that I desire. I have all of my purchased Aerosoft and other provider aircraft outside of P3Dv4, including AI, except now for CRJ700-900-X, and am extremely familiar with the process of alerting P3Dv4 of the current location of these aircraft files. The developer's reply is, at the least, misinformed and particularly not the recommended process, and the post was closed prior to my, or those of others, comments, without cause, which now appears to be the standard closing of topics in this forum. John P. Parkinson
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