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  1. Hi again, Resolved the issue. I didn't think the PERF INIT page needed fully populating, as the plane just uses the preset descent angle. My bad. Good to know it's not a bug. Thanks all.
  2. EDIT - Just had the snowflake appear on a STAR into San Jose, but not the next flight into LAX. It might be when fixes have both an above and below restriction that it appears, and a descent initiates. I've seen someone else say that on a forum post. * * * * * That's all on and green. VNAV armed, alt set to the first restriction and ALTS PATH displayed. Are there any specific alts it needs to function, or equal to or below a restriction? I pressed a few buttons at random, and it went into FMS1 PATH/ALTV modes with the snowflake, so VNAV is active. Just using FLC for now instead, so it's not a showstopper. Has anyone else reported the issue? Regards
  3. Now I feel like I've missed something. Dare I ask how to enable it? Thanks again.
  4. Hi, Is there any reason why the snowflake doesn't appear for a VNAV descent? TOD shows on the flight path, the restriction alt is in the FMC and preselected, and the VNAV button is armed. Nothing happens after that though. FL is at the cruise level put in the FMC too. Is this a bug, or am I missing another step? Thanks.
  5. Where can I find the Q400, and what free scenery areas are still available? Found the Colorado link, and it looks like Utah is now included by default. Using the Aerosoft download, so Steam links wouldn't work. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Is there a list of which XP11 airports support sloped runways, and/or will support be mentioned in the product description? Thanks.
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