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  1. Hello everyone, the AS A330 PFD shows red arrow in PFD during takeoff rolling and approach after land mode activated. But in real A330, red arrow can't see in PFD. Please see the picture I took before in the cockpit as riding engineer. Anyone know the logic and reason? Thank you.
  2. Yes, ezdok, problem fixed by click taxi fix, thank you.
  3. Thank you so much, the problem is fixed, ezdok camera is the root cause. Thank you. Root cause is found, after click taxi fix in ezdok, problem is fixed, thank you.
  4. I set A330 fuel and load for light load, ZFW is 142T, fuel is 20T, but during taxi the aircraft can't move until I increase the thrust power to nearly N1 50%. I changed to other light load mode with TOW around 160-180T, the result is same. It is not normal, the real A330 can start moving with the IDLE power, anyone know the root cause? Many thanks.
  5. Why my A330 can't move at all in IDLE power? The ZFW is only 146T and fuel is only 20T. I have to move throttle to nearly N1 50% then the aircraft can start moving. What is the root cause? Thank you.
  6. Same as me, and when I reinstall the A330, still can't open configurator
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