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  1. I usually get my cup of coffee when I set the seat belt signs to OFF after takeoff. Thats mostly between FL80 and FL130 😉 Stefan
  2. I'm a software developer myself and know those situations of reproducing, locating and fixing bugs. Especially when they occur in a production system Yes, ok. I'm able to use the DIR-function or select a heading to fly around it. I have a gut feeling that I made a mistake or have an error in my setup ... if I solve the problem I will send you a message. You're welcome! Best wishes, Stefan
  3. :-) I guess calculating the expected or planned flight path in real time, is a very complicated task.
  4. New Test with a different, but not pleasing outcome: At first ich checked my Navigation Data Source and it was set to NavDatapro instead of Navigraph: So I switched it to Navigraph: I checked the active nav database in the MCDU: I inserted the whole route into in the MCDU and selected the approach for ILS25C with the PSA25S STAR/RNAV transition: I checked the waypoints of PSA25S: For me, the waypoints were OK and I inserted it into the flight plan: And here the descent and the approach: While passing DF610, the aircraft turned left instead of turning right: And it performed a full 360 degree left turn around DF610: After that it turned right to DF616: After it passed DF616, it turned right to DF626 as expected: But then it made an unexpected right turn: And then a left turn again to DF621:
  5. Hi Dave, thank you for your message. I will recheck my Navigation Data Source and test it tomorrow. Stefan
  6. Hello Gentlemen, I'm having a problem with the curves of the flightpath drawn in the ND. The error occurs on the PSA 25S RNAV Transition of EDDF. I'm using the Version A320/A321 and my P3D-Version is I'm using the current Navigraph cycle 1909. The whole route is EDDF ANEKI2A ANEKI Y163 PABLA DCT KOVAN T163 PSA PSA25S ILS25C EDDF. The waypoints of PSA 25S are: PSA CHA DF606 DF610 DF616 DF626 DF621 REDGO. The following screenshots illustrates my problem. Thanks in advance, Stefan Approaching CHA, notice the strange flight path drawn between DF606 and DF610 CHA passed Approaching DF606 DF606 passed, approaching DF610 Approaching DF616 Approaching DF626 Flight path
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