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  1. I am quite happy with the freeware EFHK V1.5, available at FSnordic.net
  2. From memory, two things that might cause the problem: 1. Do-Configurator tries to read the path to fs9.exe from the windows registry. So did you move FS or reinstall windows? 2. Do you have MS .Net 2 installed?
  3. Deine Logik ist richtig. Ewig niedrig fliegen muss man real aber nicht - dafür gibt's ja den Lotsen.
  4. Moin! Wie überall in der Wirtschaft, muss wohl auch Microsoft sparen - leider trifft es Aces! Was das wohl für den FS bedeutet... Link zum AVSIM-Forum
  5. You may try This from the FAQ-section.
  6. So I don't see, what needed to be corrected.
  7. Just point the installer to your FS9 root-directory.
  8. EDDG_9_stat.bgl, EDDP_A_Cargo-Stat.bgl, EDDP_A_Term-stat.bgl, EDDV_9_stat.bgl und EDLW_9_stat.bgl in .bgx o.ä. umbenennen.
  9. Hi HF, I quote Alexander: "Es müssten 5 Dateien sein, die du löschen musst: EDDG_9_stat.bgl, EDDP_A_Cargo-Stat.bgl, EDDP_A_Term-stat.bgl, EDDV_9_stat.bgl und EDLW_9_stat.bgl" from this thread: Ga2x komisch
  10. Äh, Daniel - Du willst uns aber nicht verar.....? Du bist im Forum von Aerosoft, aber auf der Hauptseite warst Du noch nicht??? Aerosoft - Startseite
  11. Hi David, I think, this is not your second problem AES vs Vista, but it is exactly the follow up of your problem here Problems with AES and Oliver predicted, that there will be problems. I am also running Vista, but FS9 is not in the default (protected) directory (C:\program files\...) and no problems!
  12. Bin zwar nicht Rainer, aber: das ist die "second Alpha" Version. Das Luftbild ist noch völlig unbearbeitet. Das wird komplett retuschiert und dann Linien und Beschriftungen neu aufgemalt. Der Schritt kam aber bis jetzt immer zuletzt.
  13. Hi, hast Du auch den Treiber, der hier Simflight erwähnt wird?
  14. Hi, if this message appears, then Simwings France 2 - Paris is the airport you tried to activate in AES! Make sure, you have the latest Version 1.98B and activate LFPG Simwings Paris MAP2008.
  15. Simple solution: check your scenery.cfg for the duplicate entries, and if you find them, delete them. This tool makes it easy: Scenery Manager
  16. Make sure the fuel pumps are on above FL200 with the BAe, otherwise your engines WILL die again.
  17. No, different downloads for FS9 and FSX. Both should bee in your account.
  18. You can try the registry repair tool, available here: Flight 1
  19. Hi George, might be, that you just overlooked to set RNAV as input instead V/L via the Navdisplay-Panel.
  20. Sorry, you are wrong here. 2094m is hardly too short! BAe, Avro, ATR etc. and every Business Jet is happy with that length. I think, THF could have been so much more than LCY is for London; and that seems to be important, considering that BA will start flights to NY with A319/318! They (the politicians) threw a perfect opportunity in the bin, to separate GA/Business from normal scheduled traffic. Also the smaller government aircraft could have had their home there. A perfect connection to the heart of the city, specially for the Business people, forever lost (hopefully not).
  21. Hi, check the setting for Dynamic Scenery; must be dense or very dense to see all vehicles.
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