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  1. Hi Dave, sorry to bother with another silly question? If I click on "cold and dark", the aircraft is chocked and intake closed, but the instructor is still sitting in the jet... Is this normal? Just asking Regards Willie
  2. Hi Dave, is the fuel transfer slow even with both engines running at 80% I replaced my T5.dll with yours, will try again... Best airplane I have on my fsx anyway! Thank you for your time. Willie
  3. Thank you will try.....
  4. Ok, I have noticed something... I used your trans.xml file just to get the fuel moving faster. I set fuel, port and starboard, to 70% Switch on the fuel transfer switch to feed the port side tank. (Light comes on) The fuel gauges are not moving, but wen I go to my menu, aircraft, fuel and payload, change fuel , the values in the tanks have changed? I press cancel , cancel to go back to my aircraft, and only then do the gauges move? So I am not getting a live reading from my gauges. Very strange.......
  5. 1.) Yes, the adjacent light comes on... File(s): 2.) AS_ENGLISH-ELECTRIC-LIGHTNING-T5_FSX_P3D_FSXSTEAM.zip (340 MB)....is the file I bought and downloaded downloaded for fsx. 3.) In the panel folder I have the LightningT5.dll (64.5kb)? Willie­čśÄ
  6. There is no other pumps that must be running? If I click on "aircraft ready to start" , everything is ok? I just need to select port or starboard side? Sorry for the questions, just trying to eliminate errors on my side sir.... I am at work now, but will check again tonight when I get home. Thank you for the trouble
  7. Ok, I am flying the Lightning T5 from Thunder City. I have cleared all my fuel tanks except for left and right tanks set to 80%... I click on aircraft "ready to fly", everything switches on, fuel right and left at 80%. Switch - fuel transfer to port side tank...... nothing happens. I changed the values in the the Lit_T5 folder, but to no avail? I am using FSX, and I don't have TacPack? Is there something that I might be missing? Pleased let me know..... Regards
  8. Thank you so much for the reply! If I had any movement, it was to slow to notice? Regards Willie Oh, I have FSX....... Nope, no movement that I can see.... Will try to change the values and see what happens?
  9. Hi guys, can someone please help. I switched off engine number two on my Lightnint T5 to simulate an engine failure. Step one - hp Cock off, Fuel cock switch, off Fuel transfer switch set to port side tank.. (because I am using that tank) I am flying on port side tank, using engine number 1, but as soon as port side tank run out of fuel, the engine stalls? Must the starboard tank not supply the port side tank? please help....
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