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  1. Hi, I use my PFPX daily to make my flight plans. When calculating runways for takeoff and landing, it is difficult for the PFPX to get it right. I use Active Sky Next to generate the time. How can I solve this problem ??? do you have a server that correctly chooses runways for low and takeoff? I hope for help. I thank anyone who can help me. Will
  2. Quem pode me ajudar ? Uso o PFPX mas não consigo salvar o plano de voo para o E-195 V.2 da FeelThere. Não tenho problemas com o PMDG e QualityWings. Alguém sabe ?? Cmte Will
  3. Mr. Srcooke ... when I create a flight plan on PFPX, then save for PMDG, QualityWings but I don't have the place where I save for FEELTHERE. That's what I need to know. Can you understand me now ??? Cmte Will
  4. Hi, After making a flight plan on PFPX, I don't know where to save. Who could help me ??? I have no problems with PMDG or Qualitywings. Who teaches me ??? Will Nogueira
  5. I need help. Where can I find an EDTO tutorial for 777 PMDG? Cmte Will
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