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  1. Looking forward to the A320 addition. Altough I'm lookig forward to it a lot, I don't mind it being pushed back as I'm having a blast with the A319 currently. Take your time guys
  2. Your Nvidia 640GT might be the problem as it doesn't meet the minimum requirements for the Airbus, try my tip above, it might help you
  3. From what I understand is that Aersoft moved a lot of processing from the CPU to the GPU. In case your GPU is the bottleneck, you can gain quite some FPS by disabling TrueGlass if you're willing to do a concession on immersion. Just rename TrueGlass.dll in your gauges folder. Will give you a gain of about 5-10 fps.
  4. Yup, exactly my thoughts and I figured out it was time for a complete fresh installation anyway, so I decided to format my PC. Sorry we won't find out what exactly caused this issue, but I think I saved a lot of time just going for a fresh installtion than trying to get things running again As of now, the bus is working as it should (love it!! you guys rock). Thank you for your time @Emanuel; I did run it again, no luck :O
  5. So far no luck. After running Delete Generated Files as suggested, P3D won't start at all and get stuck at the loading screen Trying to resolve this at the moment.
  6. Thanks for the quick feedback guys! I run P3D v 4.3 and do have some shaders installed indeed (I believe URP). Let me try some of the possible solutions suggested and I'll get back to you.
  7. Hi guys, Just installed the bus, but when I entered the cockpit it looks like some vandals have removed some of the knobs in the MCP
  8. As addition, there are also different pushback proceidures at D2 for aircraft like a 767 get pushed all the way onto A5/6. Would love to see this changed as well.
  9. Go to your NL-2000 folder and delete all files starting with EHAM. That's all. Make sure MAP Amsterdam layer is above the NL2000 layers. Great idea for a wishlist. It's nice to see developers want to improve a product even after it has been released. What I would like to see is some changes in the centerlines between the C and D pier. The southern side of the 'roundabout' should be placed more to the north, on a straight line as the ramp line from D2. Will make you a screenshot later to compare with. The second thing, which i've already mentioned a few weeks ago; the safety bars on the apron drive jetways; They are not round. I'll make you guys some scetches for the jetways as well. And of course there are some other things but most are already mentioned, so I won't post them again. Thanks again for taking our notes into account!
  10. I kinda wish that they could do that irl...than we have a solution for the constant traffic jams.
  11. Please tell me which exactly are round, haven't found one yet. All jetways are required to have these safety bars, so don't think there are any without In general there are only two types of jetways; the apron drive (the one with the wheels and the external safety bar) and apron swing (the one which can only move left/right and get closer to the aircraft by extending). Both types do have the safety bars, only on the apron swing jetway it's just a line. As for the gate at the screen (G9) it is not round at all IRL. I'd love to see some recent photo material showing this round version of the safety bar. At least they're not on the B, C, D, E, F and G pier, not much left then.
  12. Great screenshots, good to see some ajustments have been made. Found one minor mistake tough, if we look at the jetways again; The protection bar should be more like a square, not round. Wheels are still a bit too large. Yes, it are small wheels. Compare it to the ones on an average car.
  13. More screenshots here; Off course I don't know what version is used for these shots, but I noticed that the wheel base on the jetways (the apron drive version) haven't been changed yet. This realy disturbs me because they are about twice as wide as they should be and look very unrealistic now. Please have a look;
  14. As an addition to padcontrol; De-icing also possible at G, D and B- gates. Not sure about F, E and C.
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