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  1. That sounds like I don´t should wait for it and buy me the available one, same with LFMN. Does anybody know if the developer Christoph Rieger still is active in sim design?
  2. Because I live quite close to ELLX I used to have it as my "homebase" in FSX and ask myself if there might come an upgrade for P3D from Aerosoft/CR-Software anytime...?
  3. O.k., so I will try around with a little lower settings in p3d and also in ENVDIR, hopefully without much loss of the visible entertainment quality. So this thread can be read from others with the same problem and closed, thanks for your reply, Mathijs!
  4. Here is an overview (wideview spanned over two screens, click the picture if you only see the half of it) at the parking 48 in the Carenado C208 Cargo without further movements around, my config-settings and the monitored measurements CPU / GPU. My GTX1080 always has a load of almost 100%, but that should be better with this setting and surely causes the stutters. FPS is unlimited and >30.
  5. It seemly happens (with any plane) preferable on the way to Runway 17, once short before of the area with the Norsk hangar and once again when turning from the taxiway to the takeoff position. There really seems to be too much data loaded at once and once overloaded this way it takes a long distance to normalize again? I keep watching this and let the system monitor run with it (CPU / GPU load) next time I repeat it. I have an SSD and ORBX Norway, openLC Europe, Global Base, Vector and also their threes installed. Does anyone here have this combination and similar problems on and around BergenX?
  6. Hello, it´s been already reported here and I have exactly the same problem: In any aircraft and only on this airport without an obvious reason or relation to anything there...massive stutterings, also the sound interrupts. But no breakdown of the fps, I still have over 30 fps in the stuttering. Deactivating the SODE jetways didn´t help, the stuttering is definitly related to anything belonging to the scenery and reaches for at least about 20 nm...any idea what happens and how to solve it? Just bought all the Norway airports already adapted for 4.2 from Jo Erlend Sund and already solved some other problems with it by looking around here, but for that I have no idea anymore?
  7. Solved...the default ferry follows a wrong route anyhow an setting the trafficship-density down to 46% doesn´t draw this ferryroute anymore.
  8. Hello there, I don´t know if it relates to the airport BergenX 1.04 or maybe the ORBX stuff (Norway, openLC Europe, Vector) I have installed, too? A big ferry stucks in the island...see pic. Any idea to get that rid?
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