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  1. PMDG e.g. uses a dummy airframe to produce the aircraft shadow visible from inside the VC
  2. Will there be a preview thread for CFD progress (also for the smaller busses)?
  3. The thought that people (even the most loyal FSLabers) are trying to find some justification for what has been done is very disturbing. This line of thinking might go all the way and could see future governments getting enough support or defence for chips within people with the ability to kill/hurt them when going against the law. I know that's an extreme example, but when you think about it, it's the same principle. If people are able to find justification for the former they are certainly capable of finding justification for the latter.
  4. Imagine the coffee machine were not working and everyone were to get out of there unharmed. That'd be beyond lucky.
  5. Well I have seen worse livery transitions. It's just that Lufthansa had a clean, elegant and timeless livery already. It's one of those airlines where the livery itself already represented high standards and one of those where the euro-white worked. Now it seems to be rather flat. Will take time getting used to. Kinda like the Air New Zealand transition..... not much has changed, but the one with the blue-green was very elegant and clean and now the black seems very flat.
  6. Of course there always is Kerbal Space Program ;-). Not sure if it still exists (and if it's still freeware), but there is also quite a good "As real as it gets" Space Simulator called "Orbiter", which includes Space Shuttle and the Apollo Program (Add-On). But make sure you really read into it and perhaps even check out some YouTube-videos. Whatever you know about flight-flight cannot be used for space-flight. It's not apples and oranges... it's apples and tomatoes
  7. For me personally going from 39 fps to 36.4 fps doesn't qualify as an fps-loss. Especially in my case, since I cap my fps to 30, which is perfectly flyable and that's all that matters for me. I remember the days when I flew at 20 fps and had no problem with it whatsoever... I was actually happy when I got that high. Sadly I spoiled myself a little, that is why I won't cap it at any higher than 30, even if my PC were to easily handle it with two broken limbs.
  8. If it's ready why not bring it out? I'm always on the side of going one type at a time and bring out what's already done rather than waiting for the entire family. I mean why wait until T for everything when you can get parts at T-x, T-y and T-z?? Yes fair enough T might be skewed a little due to support. But honestly if it pushes the bigger busses by a month or so, I'd still take the baby to have something to play with in the meantime. Furthermore it will enable the developers to better stabilize the expansions, because more feedback is given. I'm a Nay-sayer for releasing officially unfinished products, but I am a Yay-sayer for partial release when items are already finished.
  9. Was just about to post the same topic. I can confirm getting the same. SAK is enabled and even the associated Orbx *.bgl files are active, while the others are off. Even deactivated all the default PANC files within Orbx SAK and Vector without any luck. Here are my two shots including one lake/puddle with seemingly elevation problems.
  10. Isn't Airbus a European aircraft manufacturer that have built aircraft (and quite successfully I might add) since the 1970's?? As mentioned they are quite successful and one of the two (the other being Boeing) main aircraft manufacturer's worldwide. Well at least according to Wikipedia and the internet in general. Sry... I just couldn't resist
  11. To be honest if it is something that hasn't been mentioned yet I don't want to know about it unless it's confirmed that it can be added to the feature list.
  12. Well to be fair I think he was asking about a three-way bundle (A318/A319 + A320/A321 + A330). At least I couldn't recall that ever being discussed or mentioned and the search engine also doesn't spit it out (not with "A330 bundle" anyway). At least not in this thread.
  13. I, too am looking very much forward for these features... Well I don't really need dimmable lights (high quality dynamic lighting is enough), but I also see rain effects to be a huge immersion factor. Most of us use Flight Simming not for training, but for the experience. And anything that can add the "feel" factor is very much welcome. Just like you mentioned adding "clutter" like coffee cups (although I myself don't drink coffee ), paper slips, smartphones and so on adds to the cockpit/pilot experience. And having rain effects on the windshield (if it's done well and doesn't hurt perfomance too much) is the same. But when we talk about with what the "others" have to catch up with... the first thing they have to catch up with is wing-fle..... erm... I mean Connected Flight Deck.
  14. Our wing-flex who art in the skies, Hallowed be Thy frame. Thy airflow come. Thy will be done on apron, as it is above clouds. Give us today our daily lift. And forgive us our expedites. As we forgive those who instruct us to do so. And lead us not into CB's, But recover us from stalls. For Thine is the runway, The power and the N1, Forever, TOGA
  15. I don't think tonyc was referring to other A330's, but rather to other aircraft types with Cargo options available (747,777, 767,...). Not trying to defend the necessity of adding the Cargo line to the A330 thou.
  16. As already mentioned this is the feature I am most excited about. Especially with the new system. I was just wondering are you going to add some form of voice chat with the new CFD system so people joining in-flight can communicate. Or have just the three active parties being able to speak, but observers can listen. I know we all use teamspeak, skype, discord, etc.... But I thought it'd be great for guests in open server to be able to listen to what's going on in the cockpit right away.
  17. At the risk of making myself unpopular, but I too have too agree there IS a difference in the shape/state/whatever of the wing that can be noticed with the naked eye between an A320 wing in-flight vs on the ground.... Even on a non-HD photograph. True enough there isn't much shaking/moving on an A32X wing, but as said there is a noticeable difference in "static appearance". An idea I would think of is to have a static wing-flex or better say "wing-bend" (one non-moving wing-shape for the ground and one non-moving wing-shape for in-flight), if that is somehow possible..... and have ground contact trigger one state or another?? If memory serves that was even the first wing-flex technique in Flightsim. I know we are beating a dead horse here and I am not trying to revive anything. I thought I might just give the idea of a "static 2-state wing-flex/wing-bend" a try. Otherwise of course I'll take the wing as it has been with the previous version. My main interest still remains Connected Flight Deck
  18. One of the features that really wins me over (in case of Aerosoft) is Connected Flight Deck, especially when the new system seems to be easy-to-use and by itself (no external software, etc..). It's a feature that shouldn't be missed on any Top quality Add-On. And if Aerosoft can really pull it off with the new system other devs should feel the need to "upgrade" their products or fall behind. It's not just a huge immersion boost, but you can have "tutoring" sessions, and also get more people to fly online (VATSIM, etc..) as well, especially with the "observer" feature. The new connected flight deck is THE feature I am most excited about.
  19. 100% agree. I currently have a €19 Thrustmaster joystick as a intermediate solution, because my yoke is getting old and rusty and is starting to behave weirdly, and it works just fine. So no excuse for buying the **** out of Add-Ons and getting all greedy on the most important hardware. I don't care if you fly a Boeing with a joystick or an Airbus with a yoke. You just don't fly an airliner with mouse or keyboard. It's like using text on VATSIM (unless of course you're deaf/mute) and getting greedy on a headset
  20. Removing the Aerial_ files did help with the autogen and everything seems to be quite ok. Performance on my end has definitely improved. Only one thing.... 3d lights from FTX Germany North are popping up within the airport surface area, including in the middle of taxiways and runways. So while there was too much exclusion before.. there is too little now. Of course at daytime that's not a biggy. I would however still appreciate an official compatibility and conflict-free experience using Tegel with FTX Germany North.
  21. Well if it makes you feel any better. I fall short of two requirements (GTX 970 with only 4 GB VRAM and 16 GB DDR3-1600 instead of 16 GB DDR4-2666) and EDDF performs just as good as any other scenery I have and better than most (even smaller airports) in the "dynamic lighting" category. It performs at least just as well as it did during P3Dv3. My complete specs: i7-4790k @ 4 GHz (no OC) ASRock Z97 Extreme4 MSI GTX 970 4GB 16 GB DDR3-1600 Windows 10 Pro 64 Do note that I consider myself to have rather conservative settings, but still above medium. I do not use a 4k resolution and I have all the goodies like FTX Global, Vector, ASP4+ASCA, Envtex, PTA, ...! I didn't test EDDF on PMDG/Aerosoft birds yet, but even with the default F-22 I get better performance at EDDF than some other airports considered P3Dv4 ready.
  22. Sooner than soon you will figure that sooner than soon might be sooner than what others mean by soon, but not as soon as many will soon realize. The sooner we can accept that soon may not be the soon we think to be, the sooner we are able to feel satisfied by the soon that is soon to come.
  23. I don't this was meant to be taken seriously. I think he was talking about the irony that Aerosoft would release it exactly when he isn't at home and would have to wait until he gets back ;-)
  24. Yes you can use the external model for wing views, if you dont mind external sound with it. In chaseplane it would be the 'Outside' category
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