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  1. Dear All, kindly find here a screenshot of the PFD where the issues are highlighted. There's apparently a (approx) 0.015 Mach differences between the FCP selected value and the computed one. Also the FD is out of sync with the aircraft attitude. The latter issue was there also in 1.0.5.
  2. Dear team, I wonder if you're planning to update the FMS features with the INTC CRS functionality as per Collins Manual. Also, is there a navdata limitation that doesn't allow us to insert a runway threshold (i.e. RW28R) in the FIX page to define extended centerlines? In the real aircraft this is useful to draw on the MFD the OEI escape route as well as extended centerlines on circling approaches. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  3. Hi Oliver, i would ask two request: 1. Can you please correct the link for LIRN in http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/aes/aesairports.html. It must be read: ICAO: LIRN Type: F Airport: Napoli Product: Napoli Capodichino Airport 'LIRN 2006 v1.5' for FS2004 (link:http://www.napulevola.it/products/scenari.aspx) FS9: X FSX: - 2. I would request to add to AES the same airport, but this is the version for FSX ICAO: LIRN NAME: Napoli Capodichino Airport 'LIRN-X v0.3' for FSX & P3Dv1.4 TYPE: Freeware FS: FSX, P3D v1.4 DESIGNER: napulevola.it (Gianni Mantellini) LINK: http://www.napulevola.it/products/scenari.aspx I'm the developer of both. Best regards. AES 2.36
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