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  1. Servus Aerosoft Team, danke für das tolle Flugzeug für den MSFS. Ich habe seit dem ersten Testflug eine kleine Auffälligkeit für euch. Ich habe beobachtet dass wenn ich die Throttle position in der CRJ z.B. nach vorne bewege, dass die Drehzahlen der Triebwerke erstmal kurz zurückgehen um dann in Richtung Zieldrehzahl zu wandern. Das Verhalten beobachte ich nur beim Erhöhen des Schubs aber nicht beim Verringern. Da man die Geschwindigkeit in der CRJ selber halten muss ist das etwas irritierend da man nicht gleich sieht ob wirklich eine Erhöhung des Schubs zustande kommt. Ich habe meinen Hotas Warthog auch kalibriert, aber es hängt nicht am Joystick da die Schubhebel in der CRJ sich optisch richtig verhalten, nur die Drehzahlen passen nicht. Das Verhalten ist in beiden Varianten vorhanden. Viele Grüße Fabian
  2. Ich habe HDR nicht an. Gefällt mir von den Farben nicht.
  3. Nein tu ich nicht. Gibt es demnach keine Einstellungen um die Helligkeit der PBR zu erhöhen für den A330 ?
  4. Hallo Wolfgang, ich weiß dass es von der PBR Umsetzung kommt. Zu deinem Punkt: Bei mir gibt es keine Optionen im EFB Oder meinst du wo anders ?
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich habe festgestellt , dass wenn ich im Virtual Cockpit des Aerosoft A330 sitze die Scheiben sehr dunkel sind. Sobald ich aus dem Cockpit rausfahre oder in die Aussenansicht wechsle ist es wieder normal. Der Unterschied ist aber deutlich (siehe Bilder). Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dies zu ändern ? Danke schonmal für eure Antworten. Grüße Fabian
  6. Hi Srcooke, i'm using the Navigraph FMS Datamanger (started as Admin) to install the Data. But you are Right. The reason for that was that i just manipulated the Folder of AS16 instead of adding PFPX as an ADDON inside FMS Datamanager. I will try now adding PFPX as an ADDON inside Navigraph. I will report if it is working, It is working now. Thanks for that help.
  7. Hi, i've installed PFPX on my new PC. It's the first time I'm using version 2.03 I'm struggeling very much with installing a new nav data Version from navigraph. I already viewed that some persons are having this Kind of Problem but the solution didn't work for me. I started navigraph as Admin , the PFPX path i had to Setup manualy to: C/User/Public/PublicDocuments/PFPXData/NavData. Navigraph added a Folder called "NavigraphData/AS16 after installing the update to this Location (see Picture). The file navdata.dat is still showing the old Version. Can somebody help me ?
  8. I think we can finish the discussion on this topic. I really like the product A330 i just wanted to mention that some parts of the master cautions are not so good in this product and can be improved. Best regards
  9. Hi Dave, i appreciate your answers to my recommendations so far. First of all i will check why the version 1005 is not visible to me in the AS updater. Its interesting that some adjustments would lead to a much higher price.You have to think that developers like PMDG who are developing much better products than aerosoft are pricing these products below the amount you are talking about. If you think a few years back no product for a flight sim was as costy as it is today (<70€). The price is always increasing but the quality isn’t. Anyway great product, but i hope Aerosoft will also improve with future updates
  10. Hi, i‘m using latest version of the A330 with the AS Updater (version 1002 right now testing your release of the A330. I know that you don‘t want to capture non normal operations but i think (like many other users) that some errors should be implemented as a standard. For example: - If i turn off some hydraulic lines and the pressure of this system is reducing there should be at least a master caution. - Doing an max brakelanding or a rejected takeoff the brake temperature is increasing up to 800deg without an master caution or a red light indication on the gear page. I saw some of those master cautions in your A318/A319/A320/A321 versions, so why not in the A330? You have been implemented the switches to turn off f.e. the hydraulic systems and the user can see that the hydraulic pressure is reduced correctly but nothing else is happening. So you just have to finish it with a simple master caution. I don‘t expect a full ECAM non normal procedure to appear but if i‘m able to switch something off i would expect at least a warning light at the end. Shutting down a system after flight or before flight (during normal procedure) is also leading to master cautions in the ECAM. I really hope that you will put those topics on a bigger update version in the future as this makes the aircraft behave more realistic and because many users are expecting it while checking your flying. Also that you can even fly with the hydraulics turned completly off. Many users have been waited a long time for this product which let us thought that you took your time to develope in a way the users are expecting it. And you did this for the most parts of this aircraft, so please improve it further in the future instead of increasing the price with every product or creating a „professional version“ which we have to buy again. Thanks Best regards Fabian
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