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  1. Silliness ?? Well problem #2 "Traffic not showing up on world map display" was mentionned in decembre 2018 (just after latest release) then mentionned again in June 2019 then again now: So same issue in Dec 2018 => Jun 2019 => Apr 2020 with no update. Latest version of PFPX : Dec 2018 Latest version of TOPCAT : Sept 2016 Don't know if it's silly but yes, I was wondering, despite any other message explaining otherwise... Anyway, it is a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng roadmap for 1 version update -
  2. Thanks for your reply. Here are some screenshots describing the issue... Both PFPX and FSGRW are running as Administrator to avoid file system access problems.
  3. Hi - main question is in the title... And I actually have 2 problems with PFPX (v2.03) : 1. PFPX can't load FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) weather data while the file current_weather.txt exists, is filled with METAR data, is readable and stored in the right folder as specidied in the PFPX settings. When trying to update weather, I get the message "Can't load FS Global Real Weather (FSGRW) weather data" in an alert popup. 2. Traffic not showing up on world map display , even own aircraft when directly connected to P3D via FSUIPC. Thanks.
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