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  1. Hi We do have th same problem on ivao and it sounds like i am not only the one to have this problem.
  2. thanks for your answer everything is ok now.
  3. hi this morning i tried to load a fpl from the pilot ,route list, i had a message telling route loaded but finally it does not shown anything in the fmc , any idea ? Finally i restarted my pc and all has been reactivated First time i was having this problem thanks for your help julien
  4. Thanks for your answer i use Mega Airport Barcelona X v0103
  5. Hi, I used before changing the scenery with FSX, no problems, now, in P3DV3 i haven't got any lights at nights on runways neither on taxiways. Is this problem dur to compatibility with P3DV3 or other cause? I'm using ORBX global and LC europe for information and i am on WIN10 Thanks for your help Julien
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