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  1. I agree, I’m a big fan of Middle Eastern operators like Emirates, Gulf Air etc and almost all of the operators in the Middle East operate A330-200’s, so hopefully we can see Aerosoft implementing the -200 soon
  2. Lovely innit 😍, my apologies if I’m doing your head in, but any plans for the fleet expansion? Would love to see the other two (PW and GE) and maybe even the -200 once again my apologies but looking forward to flying this beauty!
  3. hi holgi. i know i'm pretty late for asking a request on this thread, but i'm really hoping if you could make a livery on the Gulf Air A320-214 - A9C-AE for V1.3 and beyond because i saw the livery for V1.0 and was really impressed, but realizing that it won't work with V1.3 properly i was hoping you could make one for V1.3 thanks and cheers -Sulied
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