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  1. A330 does not use IAE Engines, it only has GE CF6-80E1, PW4164/68/70, RR Trent 768-60/772-60 only. The Neo has Trent 7000
  2. Are all these screenshots of lightly loaded A330's, because I'd assume in flight, the wing would bend a few feet under all that aerodynamic loads and moments. It's not about the flex btw, more about the behaviour of the structure in flight. A330's wing shows a charachteristic bend and twist especially at the tips. While taken from a different angle, it highlights what I want to indicate, a twisting moment and a gentle bend in the structure. Cheers, Swapnil.
  3. FlyPrecisely's Mykyta Demidiyuk had created a set of profiles for the A330 Family ( includes most engine variants of the -200 and -300) and it does contain a PFPX Aircraft profile for A330-343, might help you in tweaking your profile as well, Cheers, Swapnil.
  4. @Mathijs Kok I Just had a query, since the later A330-300's have an option of including the Centre Wing Tank to boost fuel capacity to nearly 36700 US Gallons instead of the usual 26500 US Gallons, is that option being modelled as well or are you still on the Vanilla A330-300 with the older tank configuration? This is important to me as I plan to fly some really long flights with your A330's like ZRH-LAS, JNB-LHR, CTU-LHR, etc.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Based on available information about Jet Airways 737-800 for use in PFPX
  6. Hi, could you share the link to that please, I don't seem to be finding it on the forums. Thanks :)
  7. anybody with access to a decent DC-10 profile for PFPX , send please
  8. And I agree with all of you with this regard. We need a decent payware scenery for India, something the FS Community has ignored. How can you ignore such a large country anyways. Pretty Puzzling to me
  9. Hello, I wanted to ask a repaint for Spicejet's leased 737-800 from Smartwings OK-TSF for the PMDG 737-800

    1. Captain Gunadeep

      Captain Gunadeep

      okay. i'll do it. but it will take some time. 

    2. swap777


      Thank you very much bhai!:D

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