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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Based on available information about Jet Airways 737-800 for use in PFPX
  2. Hi, could you share the link to that please, I don't seem to be finding it on the forums. Thanks :)
  3. anybody with access to a decent DC-10 profile for PFPX , send please
  4. Thats I think what will be a Texturer's choice, If the real plane has a small Exit then the Texturer will do it small, big in case of some airlines with the 406/440 seat exit layout.
  5. Hello All, I bought this product without thinking of the side effects that it had. I have P3D V2.5 with ORBX FTX Global Base+Vector, ASNV4.1, REX4 Essential+Overdrive, REX Soft Clouds/Texture Direct also I have switched off my AI Traffic(IVAO MTL makes it redundant). I first flew a 11hr from VHHH to EDDF and while landing, suffered a OOM in a PMDG 777. Then second time, I decided to try it again with Ifly 747V2.0.1 but before I could taxi to the runway for my departure to VABB, my P3D basically did a CTD. and the third time again when I tried to fly a flight from EDDF to KORD in again a PMDG 777, I suffered a OOM chime again and decided to shut my sim before it went Kaboom. However on a flipside, when I flew two flights from EDDF to T2G EDDM with AS A321 and another with EDDF to Aerosoft EFHK using AS A321, there wasnt any OOM. This was bizarre and surprising. Also my rig is decent level with the specs being as follows: Lenovo Y50-70 Windows 10 64-bit I7-4710HQ 2.5Ghz base and 3.5Ghz overclocked Nvidia GTX960M 16GB DDR3L RAM. Is there something I may be doing wrong?.......please help as Frankfurt is one of my beloved airports and I wanna fly as usual without any OOM's.
  6. And I agree with all of you with this regard. We need a decent payware scenery for India, something the FS Community has ignored. How can you ignore such a large country anyways. Pretty Puzzling to me
  7. Hello, I wanted to ask a repaint for Spicejet's leased 737-800 from Smartwings OK-TSF for the PMDG 737-800

    1. Captain Gunadeep

      Captain Gunadeep

      okay. i'll do it. but it will take some time. 

    2. swap777


      Thank you very much bhai!:D

  8. Ok, so I am a newbie to this forum and so many would take me lightly or would rather mock me for my guts. But I dont give a damn, coz for me right now the only thing I want is a fully functional A330. Dont care about the minute details coz I am the guy who be like: "get the route from dispatch, start up the plane from cold and dark, program the plane to fly the route and fly,.........period!". So rather than complaining about small stuff like independent joysticks, PFD, ND , diff engines, or whatever, just focus on the big picture........that is we all are getting a A330 that now we can be flying proudly coz she is a beauty! Thank you, Swapnil
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