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  1. I've seen some users saying whether the A330-300 is a HGW version or not. Well, that's a very subjective debate as there are two HGW version when speaking in the context of A330 development. The first was in 1998 when on the backs of the A330-200 launch, Airbus launched the A330-300 HGW, and which I think is the version Aerosoft has modelled. This one has a MTOW of 230-233tons. Now the second HGW comes 14 years later in 2002 when Airbus further launched a HGW version this time with a MTOW of 242tons and the activation of the Centre Fuel Tank. However visually and more precisely externally, there are no differences between the two except for a change to the dogtooth at the wingroot which nobody gives a damn about in the larger scheme of things. Now, If users were wishing to get both HGW versions, the solution is simple, customize your Aircraft.cfg by editing the fuel and weight entries yourself and also applying the same changes to the xml files located in the Aerosoft Fuel Planner in the documents. I have done the same to activate higher gross weights and fuel capacities for the A320 and A321 as well.
  2. Okay, so let's see Visual Model - Check Wingtwist - Check Tailfin proportion and aft fuse contour - Check Wingflex - Check Trent 700 Nacelle contour - Check PBR - Check hot damn, she's looking good, finally, cannot wait to lay my hands on her. Well done Sir!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Based on available information about Jet Airways 737-800 for use in PFPX
  4. Hi, could you share the link to that please, I don't seem to be finding it on the forums. Thanks :)
  5. anybody with access to a decent DC-10 profile for PFPX , send please
  6. And I agree with all of you with this regard. We need a decent payware scenery for India, something the FS Community has ignored. How can you ignore such a large country anyways. Pretty Puzzling to me
  7. Hello, I wanted to ask a repaint for Spicejet's leased 737-800 from Smartwings OK-TSF for the PMDG 737-800

    1. Captain Gunadeep

      Captain Gunadeep

      okay. i'll do it. but it will take some time. 

    2. swap777


      Thank you very much bhai!:D

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