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  1. Thank you Stephen, you helped me solve the problem. Regards
  2. Hello everyone, I've been looking at the weather images that PFPX provides us in its "Browser -> Links" section but there are many that changed their URL and are not shown in version 2.04. How can I edit them to correct the right links or only you can do it? Thank you
  3. I've running the PFPX without problems on Windows 10 v1903, AIRAC 1907 and no issues. Since the vast majority don't have the error that happens to you, the problem probably is on your PC and not in the Aerosoft's program. So I suggest you be patient with the support team, they'll help you solve it, but you mustn't demand something in a short time (you lack common sense, tolerance and above all, you have to know how to write correctly without spelling errors and write without no upcase because it shows that you're screaming). Hopefully you can continue enjoying the
  4. After executing your recommendation, Stephen, I found that the problem I had was solved. I thank you very much for help me to achieve a happy ending. I share some captures to confirm the result. PFPX TOPCAT Thank you very much for your advice and I wish you an excellent day. Regards, Ivan
  5. Ok, perfect. I'm going to do your tutorial and I'll let you know the results. Thanks again, Stephen, regards.
  6. Oh, I'm sorry, I posted the wrong picture. Now looking the date in the "Database.tdb" file, it's different from the one installed in each update. When installing the update from the 'Settings' menu within 'TOPCAT', I always choose the path "E:\INSTALLED PROGRAMS SSD480\TOPCAT" and not "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\TOPCAT", this would it be the problem? Because in the TOPCAT interface, it appears to me that I'm using the "AIRAC 1906", it's weird. The recommendation that you would make me would be to reinstall the TOPCAT completely or just u
  7. 1) Yes, that's what I do (attached image), only that I have it installed on another hard drive (my Windows 10 is in Spanish, I hope it isn't a problem with the images) 2) Sure, here it is 3) And the another one: 4) Perfect, I back up my 'aircraft data' for anything. Thanks again Stephen, greetings.
  8. It was by import, I installed directly with the file "topcat_1906.exe", so I have done it for years and until now I had this issue. Greetings Stephen.
  9. Hi all, I have the PFPX v2.03 & TOPCAT v2.74 with their AIRAC 1906 respectively. When I'm doing the flight plan, it correctly gives me the runways: 18's, 36's, 32's and 14's (they're correct) but when using the "performance" tool (to obtain the values for 'takeoffs' and 'landings'), it doesn't allow me to choose tracks 32's and 14's, instead show me 33's and 15's (that's incorrect). In TOPCAT, the runways are correct, so I don't know where can be the issue; I need a little help to solve this error. PS. I don't remember what other airports happened
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