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  1. I have the same issue with just this model
  2. I'll try both of your suggestions. I purchased Seattle City at the same time and did not have any issues with that download. I'll let you know if this works. I've tried three different browsers, turned off anti virus program, still get nothing. I'll try to rename the file and see if that works.
  3. I am not sure how to do that. I managed to purchase the product at another sim store and their download worked as it should. I guess I will not be getting a refund for a broken download link. Lesson learned I guess on my part. As a frequent customer to Aerosoft, any future products that I purchase will make me think twice about where I purchase in the future. I think I explained it pretty well here and to the person working the ticket I submitted. Your link is broken. It should be as easy as downloading the link and running an installer. I shouldn't have to change the file extension etc in order to get your product to work.
  4. I will add that simmarket had an issue with it on one of their mirror download sites. One had the same issue as the one Aerosoft has.
  5. Herman, Thanks for sticking with me on this to try and figure it out. It is the FSX/P3d version. I have since purchased it from Simmarket and will include the two downloads and maybe it may make more sense. When I download it from my downloads on here, it shows a DLL file and that's it. No installer or anything. The simmarket one includes the installer. One shows an exe file the other a dll file. I just want a refund or a certificate for future use. I support you guys a lot and will continue to do so. Thank you for taking the time to help me.
  6. It shows as an exe in the downloads, but when you actually download it, it's just a .dll file. Simmarket had the same issue with theirs and they fixed it. The link is a bad link.
  7. Just ordered Settle City X and Seattle City X Airports. The installer download for airports does not work. It is just a .dll file and does not include an installer or exe.
  8. any update on this? Sure would be nice to have some Delta liveries with the SAT COM on them, seeing how all their Airbusses now have them
  9. TFDi knows the issues now. Let's hope they can figure it out. My Aerosoft products run great with True glass and reallight disabled.
  10. I wish you could put that technology in the older busses so we could fly them at night, dawn or dusk. Real Light is 100% the problem. I have done some extensive testing on your product as well as QW787 that uses Real Light. If you deactivated the .dll file, there are zero device hung errors. With it activated, the second you turn the dial on the overhead brightness dial, it crashes with a runtime error. Maybe there could be an update on the older busses to get around having to use Real light
  11. Real Light is the problem. Deactivate it and the hung errors go away. Funny thing is the A330 doesn't need Real light, but the A318-321 does. Otherwise you don't get the overhead panels to light up
  12. Graphic card drivers all up to date and used DDU to wipe it clean. 2080ti
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