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  1. I would like to say thank you to Trevor for sharing this liveries as a Canadian I am proud of of Air Canada. Vintageboy
  2. Hi Finn, Many thanks, you have been very helpful...I love this airplane the more I flew it spend most of the time at Dillingham area.. cheers vintageboy
  3. Hi Finn, You have answered my question I try to use num key "0" and "ENTER" key it works well .. don't have pedal yet , I usually use joystick to steer the airplane during taxi ..look perfect, thanks cheers vintageboy
  4. Hi Finn, The nose wheel it not turning when I taxiing the aircraft , did I don anything wrong, please advise Happy Easter holiday cheers vintageboy
  5. Hi Andrew, thanks again I refering to fsx and either pay or freeware..but I prefer payware..much better I guess. cheers vintageboy canada
  6. Hi Finn, The fps I set to 25 and during cruising sometime it drops to 16 fps and average 18 to 20 fps, the aliasing turn it on it make a difference and the texture improving a lot. Other issue I notice is the nose wheel it is not turning accordingly during taxiing how to turn it on so it will turn just like other original airplane from fsx. Thanks cheers vintageboy
  7. Hi alehead, It's Vancouver international airport CYVR...it is a big airport...and close to KSEA ( Seattle ) cheers vintageboy
  8. Hi OPabst, Thanks for the info, I assume this is all about scenery topics so I post it here anyway it great to hear that Cheers vintageboy
  9. Hi Manuel Lion, I don't see the sea animal as well is it because of the graphic card problem? By the way may I know how to post a screen shot Thanks cheers vintageboy
  10. Hi Finn, Will AES develop the scenery for CYVR ( VAncouver International ) airport in a very near future? Thanks vintageboy
  11. Is F16 not suitable for Dillingham...I guess it used to be US Air force base which was meant for all the fighters jet .
  12. Hi Finn, I have some problem with the panel, after I install the latest update of twinotter 1.11 I notice the ADF frequency and flap indicator are all blur and some of the panel writing as well, is there a way to fix this, before they were ok now very bad? Also when I park the airplane with break engage the airplane tend to jump ? Looking forward to yr advise. cheers vintageboy
  13. Dear Friends, Just wanna to share this scenery , purchased yesterday this scenery and really enjoy the fabulous view , fly around with ultralight...just unbelievable...I think I will give two thumbs up to the developer. I suggest to use ultralight as it really give you a real good view plus the howling sound of the wind...and never forget the seagull Never regret to purchase this one cheers vintageboy
  14. Hi SAF, Thank you for your information , my fs is fsx so unable to use it for the moment maybe have to wait until it has fsx edition. Have a nice day cheers vintageboy
  15. Dear friends, I come across this beautiful scenery in You Tube, may I know where to download this scenery, any advise, thank you I guess the airport name is Funchal here is the link truly vintageboy
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