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  1. Hello, The latest version of the interphase has greatly improved chart handling comparing to a few weeks ago, making zooming way more intuitive. Nevertheless, when using an iPad, there is no way to add any chart to the kneeboard or to suppress it from it, as right click isn’t supported. I don’t mind using the website instead of the app but the absence of kneeboard makes using the charts during high workload phases as approach rather difficult. Thanks in advance! Regards Malo
  2. Still no way to clear the kneeboard on the iPad website... anyone? Still nothing on the iOS app on my side
  3. Anyone? Charts keep accumulating in the kneeboard...
  4. Thanks for your answer, though I only use the charts on an iPad, therefore making it impossible to right click and to clear the kneeboard...
  5. I have started using the web version as a result of the current ongoing issues with the IOS apps, does anyone know how to clear the knee board on the web version? Thanks in advance.
  6. Yes that would be great, it would made things way easier :)
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