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  1. Ok, thanks, I added it to v5 the "old fashnion" way. Jack
  2. I am sorry Oliver, my question was WHY the airport does NOT get added to my scenery.cfg or is it installed with the xml-method? Jack
  3. 61 views and no answer to my question. Have to bump this up. PLEASE someone from the staff, give me a hint. Jack
  4. I have bought Kiruna Airport and trying to install it in my P3D v5. It installs in v5/Ecosystem but HOW do I activate it in my sim? When I look in the add-ons or scenery list in my sim, it is not there. Ok I know I am stupid but can you please help me understand this? Jack
  5. I am very sorry, but Alzheimer came early this year. I saw this after a while. My screen was very dark so I missed the button "Brfowse". Very sorry. Jack
  6. Removed by the poster. It was about changing path for the installation. Jack
  7. Support ID 6C520236BBF1027666520236E0336C3450236625202364D52E9DFB280 Jack J Jackson
  8. Oliver..... I have moved this topic to the FSDT Forum. Jack J Jackson
  9. Hi Umberto Thanks for your answer. Have red ALL posts on your forum about this, with no luck. Closing this issue and can only conclude that it's not possible for me to use ANY of FSDT:s scenerys. Pity that you have choosen the VistaMare solution, if you had gone the same way as Aerosoft it had been no problem. Jack J Jackson PS Just checked the forum and this is the message I get when I try to login "Your account is still awaiting admin approval." ;-)))))))
  10. Hi again Umberto. Once again I did what you told me. 1. Deleted ALL references from FSX.cfg/dll.xml and deleted ALL BglManX*.* files in the main FSX library. 2. Reinstalled FSDT Zürich and Las Vegas scenery. 3. Started FSX and as usual got the error message about BGLManX.dll NOT beeing compatible with FSX. Did as you suggested and said Yes instead of No. FSX gave me the following error message "MS Flight Simulator has stoppeed working" and closed down. 4. Restarted FSX again. No change. Did that 10 times. 5. Did another 10 restarts with a restart of my computer between every restart. No change. 6. Last time i answered NO to run BglManx.dll, FSX started, I choosed Münich, scenery loaded and.... only jetways, no terminal buildings. 7. Changed to Las Vegas. Same thing, no terminal buildings, only jetways but I could see buildings outside the airport. Well this beats me. I beleive you when you tell me that everything will be ok in the end but..... after 20 restarts I'm not so sure. Jack J Jackson
  11. Hi Umberto Thanks for trying to help me out, but it doesn't seem to work for me. After 8 starts/shutdowns/restarts it still doesn't work. I have registered to the FSDreamTeam Forum but after 24h still no activation code for my account. Can you help me? I really want to buy ALL FSDT products BUT want to straighten this VistaMare thing out first. Jack J Jackson
  12. Hi Oliver Sorry to have to disturb you again. After getting everything to work I was interested in buying some FSDreamTeam products, so I downloaded the 5 sceneries and started to install Zürich. Started FSX and it updated the scenery DB, but guess what...... error message for BglManX.dll. Followed the advice from Umberto Colapicchioni (fsdreamteam" and have started/restarted/FSX/Computer 8 times now!!!! No change. Well that is not true, because after editing the dll.xml file again and deleted the reference from "Add-on Manager", my AES does NOT work anymore!!!! So...... I probably have to do everything all over again. As this now seems to be a DreamTeam problem i'm posting my problem on their support forum. Sorry about this Oliver. Jack J Jackson
  13. Hi This is going to be long, but it might help other people. Everything in the list below is done in Admin-mode. 1. Did as suggested and deleted the last portion about VistaMare in dll.xml. 2. Deleted the VistaMare subdir in the FSX-lib. 3. Started FSX and got the error message about BglManX.dll 4. Edited FSX.cfg and deleted every reference to ViMaCoreX.dll and BglManX.dll 5. Started FSX and got the error message about BglManX.dll again! How/why, I just deleted the references? 6. Restarted my PC. 7. Checked the dll.xml file again and..... found a reference from a program called "Add-on Manager" to BglManX.dll. Deleted that. 8. Restarted FSX and had NO error messages. 9. Started AES Help (2.01). Got a message and a picture about confirming 2 warnings when starting FSX. 10. Started FSX and got an error message about ViMaCoreX.dll !!!!! Still, answered YES to running it and ..... no FSX crash. Got 2 questions, as AES Help told me before, answered YES to them and........ FSX launched. 11. Closed and restarted FSX with NO error messages!!! 12. Started the default 737 at EDDN, gate 11, medium. 13. Ctrl-Shift-W........ and....... a WARNING message "Set breaks. Stop engines". Still have to expand the dialog box to see the F-key commands. 14. Tested ALL F-key commands and they worked!!!!! Dear mr Oliver Pabst, VIELEN dank. Du bist ein GENIUS!!!! Thank you also for taking the time to help an old man (63+) and again showing that you and Aerosoft has one of the best customer services in the world. Have to mention that I found the following files in the FSX library, don't know if that is of any interest: BglManX.dat BglManX.dll BglManX-aerosoft.dat BglManX-fsdt.dat Jack J Jackson A Swede in Spain
  14. Hi again and thank you for rapid answers. Attaching my DLL.XML Jack dll.xml
  15. Hi When I start my FSX + Addpac I get an errormessage during the startup telling me that FSX is not compatible with a certain program/file and that the problem i Bglmanx.dll and also ViMacoreX.dll I have the choice to let the program try to interact with FSX or not. If I say yes FSX crashes and If I say no it starts the normal way but some addons doesn't seem to work. After the fact that FSX has crashed and I restart it I get a BIG red warning saying STOP and telling me that FSX didn't close down in a proper way last time and that I have to stop here and RESTART my computer. Must I have VistaMare installed to get AES to work? Looked into Vistamare Software homepage and they say that the ViMacoreX.dll (latest version) is ONLY for FS2004!!! Now I don't understand anything. Jack J Jackson
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