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  1. Shaun, That is the problem! It DID work before I installed the addon REGIOBUS USDEM. So maybe YOU can tell ME: WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? I have searched EVERYWHERE. Thank you, Ori.
  2. Hello again Shaun, would you please send me the latest "C4 Engine" file? Maybe that was the problem all along. I read about it somewhere in another forum, and it turned out that the "engine.exe" is meant for certain Nvidia drivers and is updating from time to time. Cheers, Ori.
  3. Thank you very much for trying, Ori.
  4. Hi, Can't you help me anymore? Ori.
  5. It's nVIDIA G-280x2 (SLI) by gigabyte. Cheers, Ori.
  6. Sorry my friend, Nothing! I tried again per your instructions and it still quits when Free Ride is chosen, "C4 engine" not responding... I see the FLASH screen and I wait but it fails ver. 1.3.0 and if try task manager, it shows me that error. Please help me sovle this annoying probelem, not to mention expensive... Ori.
  7. Hello Shaun, Please send me a list of all the folders for Win 7 so I will be able to track all of them. The installation consits of many folders and I am not sure if I deleted them all. As for the registry, I will use a software I have now, and again after I will Re-Install the game. Thank you very much, Ori.
  8. Hello, Unfortunatlly, I tried both many times. Reair and Re-installation. I Un-installed and Re-installed everything many times, to the default directory and to another, nothing worked. Please find me a solution. Thank you, Ori.
  9. Hello, After I installed the add-on (ver. 1.4.4 English), the original New-York map doesn't load, It just crashes the C4 Engine. Even after Un-installation of everything and Re-installing only ver 1.3, the NY map just cannot load. Does anyone have a solution? TNX, Ori.
  10. Hi again, I've discovered that the problem is with the New-York map, the Regio one runs fine. Please give me a download link for the original map or a new one for the original game. Thank you, Ori.
  11. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. sorry I added 2 posts by mistake...
  13. Hello, I bought the download CBS a long time ago and recently, I added the add-on. When I 1st Installed The New-York version, I had to replace the ENGINE by loading it seperatly and only then the game (with update V141) worked perfectly. However, when I installed the add-on (with admin. rights), My CBS loads the program itself, but after I configure everything and try to start anything other than the tutorial, the game gets stuck on the LOADING flash screen and when I manually start the TASK MANAGER, it shows that the C4 ENGINE is not running and a few seconds later, the game crashes to the desktop. I Un-Installed everything, and Re-Installed Only the NY ver. but now even that one doesn't work (only the tutorial does). I did it many times, following the proper Installation order, with the same resaults. Please help, Ori. P.S. I work on Win 7 ultimate 32-bit, but I did intall dx 9.0c P.S. 2, CBS is the English version.
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