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  1. I had that with EZDok v1, when I first installed the CRJ. Just delete the profile for the crj (because it's probably using the one for the default FSX crj) and it should be fine. Edit: In case you are using EZDok ofcourse
  2. This is probably a very low priority one but nevertheless: If I understand it correct, the big knob on the radio panel (with the possible selections 1 VHF, 2VHF, INT SVC and PA) chooses, into which channel the voice is going. In conjunction with vPilot, the Radio panel works except for that Knob. I can for example listen to booth COM1 and COM2 but I can only talk to COM1 and not to COM2 even though the knob is on vhf2. I don't know if this is just not implemented (yet) or if it is and I'm having a bug or if the problem is vPilot. In 3 online flights I couldn't do it. (Don't know about IVAO as I don't use that network). (I'm on FSX SP2 btw)
  3. Running the CRJ in FSX SP2 smoothly with ~30 fps + scenery and so far no problems or bugs. Intel i5-4670k GTX760 16GB Ram (*Will be updating to P3D v4 soon though*)
  4. I like that idea but i hope it will be "controlable". Because if not, then well..... whoever dares to have an heart attack on one of my long haulflights won't be happy having me as his pilot.
  5. The different QNH values could be used so that the "simulated" copilot would dial his own qnh (with a delay) but it's of course arguable if that's worth it only for a delay, which most probably won't notice. But then there is the connected flight deck aspect...
  6. Just to add an argument to the "shit" discussion.... as a customer I would prefer that shit happens before release then after release. There are already some companies today, who prefer to rush their products only to fill their own wallet as fast as possible (*cough* I'm absolutely not talking about companies like EA *cough* not) even if it means releasing an unfinished product. I just don't get it why people don't realize that they have 2 choices : Either they take products which are already finished and didn't probably taked much time being developed (There is even already a A330 payware which is.... well most of you know it so..... and im sure there are probably some models (freeware or payware) for the CRJ) or they shut up about complaining how long it is taking and wait for products which will have a proper quality (and in this case even a very low price compared to other addons - my opinion). Because in the end if those people, who are complaining, get what they want, they will complain later that the product is unfinished or full of bugs. Having patience is nothing god-like.... just saying
  7. I really like that idea. It would also be an easy solution to have a (Relatively) “more realistic“ wing view.
  8. They said, they "prepared" for the CRJ700/00 which is scheduled to be released for the 18th May Is that true? Ah ok, thanks
  9. I know. I was just pointing out that accordingly to the Release Order that was given, the A330 will 100% not be released until the release for CRJ. I also know that it doesn't mean the a330 will be released immediately after the CRJ. I have patience
  10. Just read in the "Navigraph cycle update email" (couldn't find a name for that kind of email ) that the CRJ700/900 X is SCHEDULED to release at 18.05.2017 First things first: Congratulations Second things after the first ones: That gives us an idea of when the A330 will be scheduled to release (not until 18.05.2017 for sure!) Edit: as some people won't read this and also some won't apply the so called "logic" in their thoughts, there will still be people asking, if the A330 will be released in this month or in April (if they know about the order, the CRJ, a330 and 320 are planned to be released... maybe they didn't read that too)
  11. How big is the screen supposed/planned to be? There is always the big option like the TFDI 717 or smaller but less obstructive options.
  12. "Flights in the Cloud" + possible, to watch random people fly around (if they allow it) .... .... Well I guess, its time to set the bar once again higher - this time by Aerosoft. Those features are so nice and also so innovative,that I personally wouldn't be able to dream or think about it by myself. Really nice, Aerosoft Edit: Just imagine the possibilities with observer. Well known twitch streamer could for example "stream their flight" trough the sim itself Of course with the 50' limit there would be a little problem for streamer with like >100 spectators but the possibilities with that are just enormous. Man, that's just great stuff...
  13. Looks like CPDLC is starting go get real in VATSIM *grabs popcorn*
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