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  1. Thanks for your efforts, all working now.
  2. sorry about all the files Can't delete them. I'm using win 10 180410 (it wont update beyond this). Dont have a debugpak or know where it is. SIMstarter NG.log found this 20200308-22h35m07_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  3. I only found one entry with correct directory as per your example. Tried again still no success. from the log "09/03/2020 6:21:27 PM FAIL STARTPROGRAM Start Program < L:\Lockhead Martin\Prepar3D v4\PREPAR3D.EXE >. " File does not exists! Not a big deal I can start P3D myself Thanks
  4. I used regedit but am unable to find those settings. Where should I be looking? Peter
  5. When I run simstarter I get an error message "cannot run program L:\lockhead Martin\Prepar3D.exe>! File does not exist". Prepar3D is installed in L:\lockhead Martin\Prepar3d V4\ which is what is shown in the path to prepar3d setting in simstarter. As far as I can check registry entries show the correct path. I have deleted and reinstalled simstarter with the same result. Thanks Peter SIMstarter NG.log
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