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  1. Because the problems have been solved after complete new installation of the A330 (using the proposed standard intallation folder) this topic will be closed. Regards, Rolf
  2. After a lot of tries it seems that it is a compatibility problem with some other parallel used software - but not ActiveSky or GSX. I therefore close this topic. Regards, Rolf
  3. Please have a look into the following thread: I believe you are talking about the AFTER ENGINE START CL. The easiest way to see what is going on is to activate the INFOBAR. If pushback is completed e. g. both engines are stabilized and the parking brakes are set you will see a message "WAIT". The reason is quite simple because we have to align the various possible pushback procedures (because their duration is quite different and from GSX we get no signal that its procedure has been finished). Therefore we entered a break and the message. After a certain period of time the AFTER ENGINE START CL will start automatically...... Also please do not mix up flows and the CL. If you want to use the CL then just follow its sequence and do the necessary settings when it is required.
  4. If you have an NVIDEA graphic card installed you can use its GeForce Experience to record a video....... Regards, Rolf
  5. What do you mean by that? Can you please send me a video so that I really can see what happens on you system. By the way if maybe the installation file is corrupt: Where did you buy the A330 from and what was the exact name of the downloaded installation file? Regards, Rolf
  6. If you use the CL and the Copilot function then after the next experimental update the copilot will also adjust the FO baro unit as well as the ISIS.
  7. Fernandito, because until now nobody ever had the issue you described and I am not able to reproduce it, I really have no idea. I still believe that it must be an installation or compatibility problem and / or some of the files might be corrupt or missing. Did you also try to load the plane in the TA state and then run the CL (because in this case there is no APU-Fire test)? What happens if you just start P3D v4.5 and the A330 only e.g. no other program like FlyInside, ActiveSky, GSX etc running parallel? Regards, Rolf
  8. Hi, I asked one of our experts to have a look into your issues and he answerd: "I'd say its one if two things, an incompatibility with flyinside or maybe the location where he installed the Airbus". According to the screenshot you provided the A330 has been installed in D:\Program Files\...... This is not the place we recommend and please tell us the reason why you selected this folder. Also please tell us where you installed the other Airbus modells (which are working perfect according to your statement)? Normally all modells should be installed under a comon folder "Aerosoft" because there are a lot of files shared by all models (Updater and General p.e. with the navigation database, folder for flightplans, EFB etc. Regards, Rolf
  9. OK, let us start wit the basics e. g. your GSX settings and I hope that your GSX installation is up-to-date (otherwise use the FSDT Live Update). In the GSX Settings / Simulation Parameters the option "Always refuel progressively" should be enabled = ticked and "Detect custom aircraft system refueling" shoulds be disabled = unticked. Apply / save those changes, quit P3D v4.5 and restart your PC. For more information on those features have a look into the GSX Manual. Then start the fueling process like described below: Request refueling Enter the fuel amount for refueling in the MCDU3 LOAD AND FUEL menu or INIT LOADSHEET Activate the GSX ground service “3. Request refueling” - and do not use this case the MCDU3 LSK3R. It takes app. 4 minutes before the truck arrives. After connecting the fuel hose refueling starts automatically. The fueling status can be checked in the MCDU3 LOAD AND FUEL menu ORANGE = Service available GREEN/WHITE blinking = Service started GREEN = Service completed If it does not work like described above please send us more details where the process on your installation differs or better send us an video. Second please also inform us where on your pc you installed GSX, where the Airbus and as well where P3D v4.5 is located. Regards, Rolf
  10. Such a behaviour is completely unknown to me and I have no idea what could cause this. The only idea I have is that this has something to do with the installation of Did you just update or did you completely made a new installation? In such a case did you also remove "old" files? If this behaviour happens at any takeoff or again I suggest to completely newly install the A330. Please follow the instructions attached. If you still experience the mentioned issues after that then provide us a video of such a takeoff. Maybe then I can see something which might cause the issues..... Regards, Rolf Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure(2).pdf
  11. Gaz, there is not always a CL highlighted p.e. when you at CRZ LVL. Next time something like this happens, please send us a screenshot of the MCDU CHECKLIST menu so that I can see that the Copilot is still ON! Regards, Rolf
  12. No, please do not delete those files. The only option you have, is to "silence" the content.
  13. Did you really check in the MCDU3 CHECKLIST menu that the Copilot is still set to ON? Did you maybe use key "2" from your keyboard for any other purposes? Because this switches the Copilot OFF resp. ON? Regards, Rolf
  14. Landing at High Altitude Airports: The CL is based on SOP and does not recognize procedures for High Altitude Airports. The problem approaching those airports with the current CL version is the sequence e. g. the Autobrakes -, Landing System -, Landing and Cabin Lights - Check should de done before the Approach CL. Otherwise we will experience the issue as described above. In the next experimental update a modified Checklist version will be included: "Landing at High Altitude Airports (Runway elevation higher than 5.000 feet) the Autobrakes -, Landing System -, Landing and Cabin Lights - Check is now based on RadioHeight instead of IndicatedAltitude". This means the check will not happen around 10.000 feet (indicated altitude as displayed on the PFD) but in such a case below app. 10.000 feet radio altitude e. g. much earlier and before the Approach CL starts. Regards, Rolf
  15. The A330 has no brake fans like the smaller models....
  16. If you have GSX installed, did you enable the resp. MCDU3 GROUNDSERVICE function? It should be set to ON. After the COCKPIT PREP CL has been finished - just start Pushback on the GSX menu. The MCDU3 START function should only be used if GSX is not installed and no pushback is required. Please have a look into the folloing topic
  17. Sorry to hear that. One thing first because you compare the A31x/A32x CL with the one from the A330: The one for the A330 is moch more complicated because a lot of additional features were implemented on request from various users. It is not a mess but a highly complicated feature which you will find currently in such a depth in no other plane. And you have the possibility to switch it off if you do not like it. Second this is computer program and allways does the same based on the same input. So if the CL reacts different in the same situation and procedure then also the input must be different. To find out more resp. what you are doing different the only possibility I see is that you allways record a video and if the TAXI CL is not working, then send me that video and I will have a look at it. Please allways have the MCDU3 popup window (SHIFT+4) and CHECKLIST page open, so that I can see where the CL stucks. There is one user who still experiences the same issue at one airport only. At all the others airports the CL is working as required. Do you maybe have the same problem at a certain airport only? If yes, then I need more details like the developper, installation location atc. If you experience problems e. g. the TAXI CL will not start then there is no need to restart the whole flight. Just reload the TAXI aircraft state. The flightplan as well as the position will be kept - the only thing you have to do is to enter the weights again etc. ....... Regards, Rolf
  18. 300° is not normal. I get normal brake temperature of app. 200°. But after touchdown I immediately engage REVERSE and after reaching 70 knots I set the thrustlevers back to normal. Thats the reason why you get a call "70 knots" by the copilot...... Regards, Rolf
  19. Fernando, I have a little bit of a problem to understand your issue. Am I right that you are starting from C&D aircraft state? And when you start the Cockpit Preparation CL it stucks just in the beginning? If this is the case then something is wrong with your installation because I cannot reproduce it. On my system everything works as required. May I therefore ask you to un- and reinstall the A330 again. Maybe the attached description helps you to solve this problem. Regards, Rolf Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure(2).pdf
  20. There seems to be something wrong with your installation. I just started the A330 from C&D and run the Cockpit Preparation CL. It worked like required until the end and there were no stops after the engine fire tests. ......! And what do you mean if you are talking about the Before Engine Start CL? Please explain you procedure in details as well as the problems. We know that there are problems with Navigraph and the EFB in connection with logging in because Navigraph does not keep the log-in data. We are working on this with Navigraph. So for the time being just log-in before any flight. If you have still questions in this respect please open a new topic in the right section because it is not related to the checklist.
  21. Change will be included in the next experimantal update. Change will be included in the next experimantal update. Change will be included in the next experimantal update. I cannot confirm this. Did you use the Copilot? Use it and see what settings she makes. After passing 10.000 feet only the Landing Lights are switched on and the Seatbelt Signs are checked if ON - which are already set to ON before descent. .
  22. Please have a look into the following thread:
  23. Because I learned from various comments in this section of the support forum that there is a lot of misunderstanding (as well as a bug) in connection with using the pushback and the checklists functions I reworked both functions for the A330 and it has been released as part of Its detailed functions are described in the attached document. If there are still questions in this respect please open a new topic. Regards, Rolf Pushback and Checklist Functionality.pdf
  24. Fernando, If you have GSX installed then why not generally set this option to ON? I always use GSX for pushback because of the integration into the Airbus e.g. doors are closing automatically etc. I set this option to ON after a new installation and then never touch it again.......of course I am also using the GSX pushback every time. I never use the two MCDU3 internal functions for engine start (with or without pushback). Regards, Rolf
  25. OK, this is a known issue and we are currently looking into it.......
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