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  1. Please have a look into the documentation "Vol1-In P3D.pdf" ! On page 29 up to page 33 you will find a detailed description of the printing functionality........
  2. Rich, in the flight tutorial "Vol6-StepbyStep" (documentation folder) from page 65 5.23 you will find a detailed description of the GA procedures. Please follow those steps and tell me exactly what does not work or where the CL stops - I suggest to enable the INFOBAR for that test so that you know what should come next ..... Regards, Rolf
  3. Please explain your problem a little bit more in detail e.g. what you did, what you expected and what was not working........ Regards, Rolf
  4. Sorry, I cannot reproduce it and also never heard about it. What was the last CL working well? Was it the BEFORE TAKEOFF CL? For me it seems that the CL does not recognize that you set thrust for TO. Maybe this is a problem of your joystick and especially the throttle setting........? Try to recalibrate it and see if this solves your problem...... Regards, Rolf
  5. Normally if you use the checklist and started GSX pushback it asks you to disconnect EXT PWR. Do not follow GSX in this respect because then the plane would be without power. The checklist starts the APU and then disconnects EXT PWR. But this has nothing to do with TAXI. After the AFTER ENGINE START CL has been finished release the parking brakes and set some thrust so that the plane starts moving. At 10 knots the TAXI checklist will start. Then just follow the GSX car. Regards, Rolf
  6. To save a certain panel state - different from the standard ones like C&D, TA, TAXI and BEFORE TO you have to use the P3D v4 function to save a flight situation. Then also automatically the used panel state at this moment is saved. But be aware that if you also want to use the Checklist function one CL has to be completely finished and the next one already available when saving. Regards, Rolf
  7. Luis, we had the same discussion a couple of months ago you were right and I solved the issue. I just did a flight again and had no problems at all after landing in SBSP e.g. I got the message "LEAVE RUNWAY" and the following CL worked well as required. So I do not know what to do.......... resp. have no idea to help you! Regards, Rolf
  8. Gary, previoulsy e.g. before we introduced the "Professional" version the MCDU2 was the settings MCDU and on the right side of the pedestal. But with the introduction of the "professional" version the former MCDU2 now also became a "real" MCDU like the one on the left side (to be used with CFD) and so the settings MCDU became MCDU3 to be opened using SHIFT+4. You can only use one system for boarding and loading e.g. GSX or the MCDU3 "internal" one. If you use the GSX menu #4 p.e. for boarding pax then the MCDU3 "internal" boarding function (normally to be started using LSK1R) automatically is blocked...... Regards, Rolf
  9. Gary, if you use the search function then you will see that there also some other users experiencing the same problems. But something generally: If you use the GSX menu for boarding pax and cargo loading then the 2 "internal" MCDU3 functions LSK1 + 2R are blocked. In the meantime we found the rootcase for the other issues you mentioned and those should be solved with the next experimental update..... Regards, Rolf
  10. Please give me an example for such a flight and what are the specific problems you are experiencing on this flight. Then I will try to reproduce......
  11. Solution should be available with the next erperimental update.......
  12. You should enable the INFOBAR on the MCDU3 and then you will read what to do next e.g. do not follow the GSX instructions but wait until the APU is available within the CL...... and then the external power automatically is deconnected by the CL ......
  13. OK, currently there are known function / status problems in the MCDU3 LOAD AND FUEL menu and we are already working on it. Hopefully the solution will be included in the next experimetal update..... Regards, Rolf
  14. To identify your problem you should do the tutorial flight using the Checklist and Copilot (so that we are sure everything is done right) and then tell us exactly at which point you experience the issue e.g. what was the last action before the problem occured..... And if everything works well then tell us what you are doing different ......... Regards, Rolf
  15. You should not use that tutorial flight LOWI-LFMN anymore because the NavData have been changed and also a lot of other things. This was the reason why we changed the tutorial flight.....
  16. I am confused: Why are you using this "old" tutorial for the 32bit version instead of the new updated version for the 64bit version if you are flying the Airbus Professional?
  17. Sorry, which version of the tutorial and for which Aerosoft model you are using this document? The tutorial flight for the Aerosoft Airbus Professional is from EDDF to EGLL.......
  18. Steve, OK, the issue is known and we are working on the solution...... Regards, Rolg
  19. Have a look at the folowing:
  20. Have a look into the documentation "Volume4-Systems" and on page 34 it states : To close the window first click the little lever on the window rail to unlock it. ELECTRICAL Click on the prints and they will be transferred to clipboard on the captains window - please see I cannot find any item in the "Before Start CL" named ATC - please specify exactly what you mean resp. when this one is called! Set the SYST to 1 (ON) and PWS to AUTO Only WX/ATIS is modelled - but data are available only if F-PLAN is completely filled e.g. DEP and ARR airport must be available and in the MCDU3 the right weather source selected. The next time please do not put several items in one thread but create one for each item and save it in the right category. This is also valid if you want more details to one or your subjects..... Regards, Rolf
  21. I am using 4.4 and cannot reproduce the issue...... If you look into the P3D Forum you will see that there are a lot of FPS-problems with v4.5. So maybe it is also related to 4.5..... Regards, Rolf
  22. Jock, those settings are made in the Checklist and Copilot program and not in one of the basic settings files ........ Regards, Rolf
  23. First you should not start the engines before boarding is completed. If boarding is completed (green - nor more white/green blinking) then close the doors and automatically the BEFORE START CL will start..... Second: Do not use the keys 1 and 2 for other purposes (like GSX) if HOTKEYS are enabled in the MCDU3 options because this will stop the CL / resp. disable the copilot......
  24. Should be solved with the next experimental update..... Regards, Rolf
  25. Use / make the following settings: Cockpit Preparation CL - Nav Lights STROBE = AUTO (1) NAV&LOGO = ON (2) TAXI CL - RWY TURN OFF LIGHTS = ON NOSE LIGHT = TAXI (1) Regards, Rolf
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