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  1. The problem might be in connection with your handling or settings e. g. where everything is installed..... The "red" message means that the MCDU3 cannot find the LOADSHEET where it is supposed to be located or that there is no one for this model of the Airbus. So first you should check if you really selected in the fuelplanner the right model - aircraft type. And second after using "Generate Loadsheet" there should be a file available in C:\User\Your Name\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XXX Fuel Planner\Loadsheets\......for the specific aircraft type..... Regards, Rolf
  2. I think 1940 m should be enough for a smooth landing - of course depending on your weight. I cannot believe that reversers are used until the last exit - those should be set off at 70 knots...... I think the problem was that your touchdown was maybe quite late...... I suggest that you try it again and maybe touch down a little bit earlier. I just tried a landing at SBSP34L with the A321 and there were no such problem with the runway length. But you are right the "LEAVE RUNWAY" message did not appear and I will have a look into this issue. Let you know when I found something. Please be patient...... Regards, Rolf
  3. Hi, the whole GSX2 immersion into the Aerosoft Airbus is still WIP! We are currently adjusting the MCDU3 accordingly and and are also waiting for new variables from FSDT ....... So please be patient until the "completion" is finally announced..... Regards, Rolf
  4. Luis, the PFD displays what the aircraft is capable of and not the ILS categrory of the airport your are using....... so everything in this repsect OK. And I think the other problem is related to your handling: You are leaving the centerline of the runway too early e.g. the plane has to slow down to less than 30 NM ...... Please have a look into the following discussion with the same isuue...... Regards, Rolf
  5. The best thing to "reset" the CL (if you are stuck and you do not knwo what to do) is to load one of the predefined AIRCRAFT STATES again...... Regards, Rolf
  6. Sorry, NO. What you did was not a normal SOP and in the Airbus the CL only covers normal procedures...... You should have entered in the MCDU LTFJ as alternate destination and adapted the flight path accordingly as well as the FL. Then the CL would have recognized those changes and would proceed the normal way. For each of the various CL states a certain aircraft state is the basis to start and this happens when the plane is on the ground and you are using one of the 4 predefined aircraft states. But to define various aircraft states when the plane is in the air is not possible because there are so many variables which could be different....... Regards, Rolf
  7. We are currently still working on the GSX-immersion and until now it is not completely finished e. g. it is still "under construction" and WIP. So please be a little bit patient....... Regards, Rolf
  8. Skydiver, normally there is also a CL part "GoAround" so I do not know why the system quits in your case. It should automatically be engaged in case you are setting the Thrusts Levers to TOGA. Please try again. If it does not work please tell us exactly what you did and in which CL stage you started the GA e.g. what were the last calls / actions of the CL....... Also was the Copilot engaged? Regarding your second issue I suggest to open another thread in the MCDU section of this forum because it is a different issue...... Regards, Rolf
  9. APP SPEED LIMITER I am currntly working on this feature and the new updated and enhanced version will be released soon....... but this does not solve the problems when wrong data are used........ Regards, Rolf
  10. Finally we found out that this problem was related to the Joystick setup and not to CL. Because we believe this topic has been solved we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  11. Hi, I had some other ideas what could cause your problem: Did you disable the NSW Steering / Tiller before doing the Rudder Check? This is RW ops...... Maybe you should re-calibrate your rudders...... What does the rudder trim on the pedestal states...... Regarding the video issue I suggest to open a new thread in the right section because then specific people (with the resp. knowledge) will look into it...... Please, never use one thred for various issues.... Regards, Rolf
  12. Hi, sorry but then I think this has nothing to do with the CL but with the setup of your joystick / rudder...... I am also not able to reproduce this problem and until now no other user reported such a problem. The only thing I can suggest is that you open a support ticket and then someone will try to find / solve your specific problem...... Sorry. Regards, Rolf
  13. Hi, does this also happen if you use "SKIP ITEM" for the rudder check? What are your settings P3D v4.4 Options / Realism / Flight Controls - Use Autorudder = unchecked? MCDU3 OPTIONS / AIRCRAFT / AUTO RUDDER = OFF? Regards, Rolf
  14. After a lot of investigation with ARTOX67 it is now clear that the problem was based on various not up-to-date files used in the installer. Users having the same issue please "update" (using experimental updating) your system.
  15. Hi, it seems that this is a different issue e.g. the weather source during a flight is changing automatically. To make it clear: Your problem is that you set a certain weather source in the MCDU3 and that on the AOC page a different weather source (or allways just METAR) is used? Please confirm and the best would be then to open another new thread and not to "hijack" this one...... Regards, Rolf
  16. Hi, normally there are two "saving options" e. g. the general one and the one when saving a flight situation. In case of the Weather Source as it is a basic setting it is not saved with a flight situation e.g. the basic setting will always overwrite the selection made in a special flight situation. As this works on my system without any problems the issue must be in your installation. There are two files involved in this saving and I would like you to send me those two files via PM. The files are: Setup.abx - ....\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\Data MCDU2b.xml - ......\.\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_MCDU2 Additionally please tell me if all the other MCDU3 settings you made are saved.......e.g. the problem is just with the weather source. Regards, Rolf
  17. What do you mean by that? Your problem is solved and the selected weather source now is saved? Regards, Rolf
  18. Hi, sorry but I cannot confirm what Dave stated like The Checklist is a bit out of order with the sequence of events because of the changes we've made since release The Checklist is to familiarize non-Airbus experienced sim pilots with how to operate the Airbus and after than to not use it. The CL is uptodate and synchronized with all other newly builtin features. So I hope you are always updating your system and also using "experimental" versions. What I do not understand are the issues you are describing p.e. that the plane never reaches CRZ level. Is the FL you entered on the MCDU INIT page the same than on the FCU? Also I cannot reproduce the issues that sometimes several CL are running in parallel and / or you hear the same item twice. It seems to me that there is something completely wrong on your system - at least in respect to the CL. May I propose that you try a complete new clean installation of the Airbus with all its systems (after downloading the actual version from your account and updating)? I believe that this solves most of the mentioned issues. If there are then still some issues please provide us detailed information with screenshots or a short video. Regards, Rolf
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. I never heard about such a problem and cannot reproduce / imagine how this might have happened...... The only idea is that you maybe "clicked around" in the MCDU3? If you are able to reproduce it then please tell us exactly what you did just before this message on the INFOBAR appeared........ Regards, Rolf
  21. OK, I will have a look into it and will make some adjustments .....so that this call will not occur again during descent anymore....... Regards, Rolf
  22. Miguel, sorry, but are we developers not allowed to take some days off after all these weeks and why this is such an important problem for which you need an immediate answer? Until now you are the only user complaining about this feature APP SPEED LIMITER in general. In the next couple of days I will have a look into this feature...... Regards, Rolf
  23. Hi Miguel, you should be a little bit more precise and what do you mean by "it is on a platform" and "it does not need pushback"? Currently the MCDU3 GSX OPTION has nothing to do with any other GSX option like boarding, refueling etc. and its only function is currently in connection with pushback. This will be changed in the near future...... More details when this functionality is available. To summarize even if the MCDU3 GSX OPTION is disabled you can use all the other GSX features. We do not have the possibility to interface with GSX PUSHBACK because it does not offer this functionality e.g. we do not get any data from GSX to know which GSX PB option the user selected and GSX PB state and when it is finished. This means we have to assume when the pushback is finished and this we do by using engine start and add some time to it after both engines are stabilized. I already told you that in case no pushback is required just start both engines and WAIT..... the CL then will commence like normal with the After Engine Start CL! If you have a problem with the CL p.e. you do not know what to do then you can use SKIP ITEM to continue with the next CL item....... Regards, Rolf
  24. Sorry, I cannot reproduce the issue. Your are right, when this option had been implemented the settings could not be saved. But in the mean time this has been changed and I just tested it and the feature works e.g. the settings are saved. So please update to the current experimental version....... Regards, Rolf
  25. There is no "connection" between GSX and the Aerosoft Airbus because from GSX we get no information what kind of pushback the user selected and when it has been finished. So the CL assumes that the PB takes a certain time and that both engines are running. This means you have to start both engines, wait some time and then automatically WAIT will appear on the INFOBAR and the AFTER START CL begins....... Regards, Rolf
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