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  1. I just want o make something clear: The basic intention of the CL-function is to guide the user through the various procedures so that he is able to make the necessary settings himself. The ViewFocus function assists him in doing so - saves him time and shows where those settings should be made. In the beginning e. g. to learn what has to be done, he can use the Copilot and just watch as the Copilot function also makes settings which are normally done by the PF. This is how the majority uses the CL and ViewFocus. For those users the implemented breaks (only when the plane is moving) are needed because otherwise they are not able to steer the plane and make the necessary settings at the same time. When we first implemented ViewFocus in the A330 without those breaks a lot of users complained that they were not able anymore to steer the plane - because of now outside view. I do not understand why this slows down the process when on-line with Vatsim if you are flying without AP and making the settings yourself. But if the CL and Copilot function is used and the user does not want to care / check what has to be done e. g. using it as an automatic settings function (and ViewFocus = OFF) then he has to live with it how ii is currently programmed or switch off the CL completely. We are not able to satisfy everybody especially when certain implemented functions are misused.
  2. Gaz, in this section of the forum there is on top a pinned topic about the release.
  3. Thats means you are running the CL's not like in RL but like an automatic settings function? In RL there are two persons doing the checks and settings whereas in the sim you have to make all checks and settings yourself. If you really want to do it like in RL those breaks are needed if the plane is not on AP - like in most cases after takeoff. And the BARO CHECK works also if the CL is still running when TRANS ALT is passed. So what is the problem with that?
  4. To make the procedure stated above more clear I prepared a flow chart for TRIM-setting. Please find this attached and follow exactly the described procedure. If something is working different on your system then I believe there is no other way to a complete new installation. Regards, Rolf TRIM Setting.pdf
  5. Oliver, thanks for the indepth explanation. I also own SimWings Pro EDDH v5 and just checked the feature you described. It is really an improvement, setting the value to 100%. So it would be great, if EDDF would be updated to the same level e. g. also include the possibility to set the runway brightness to 100%. Looking foward to it. Regards, Rolf
  6. Hallo Hans, der Fehler ist inzwischen auch bei mir reproduzierbar und wir haben die Ursache gefunden. Wird mit dem nächsten Update behoben. Gruß Rolf
  7. Sorry, but earlier there was another thread with nearly the same subject. Those discrepancies will be solved with the next update. Regards, Rolf
  8. Hallo Helmut, es gibt 3 Dateien, die daran Schuld sein können: .......\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\Data\Setup.abx .........\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A330 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_Systems\Checklist_ViewFocus.xml ..........\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A330 Pro V5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional\aircraft.cfg Kannst Du uns diese 3 Dateien einmal als Anhang senden - gerne auch direkt an mich und ich werde mir diese einmal ansehen und vergleichen. Gruß Rolf
  9. Hallo Helmut, kannst Du uns dann einmal einen dieser "falschen" Screenshot schicken und gleichzeitig, was die Checkliste denn richtige Weise verlangt? Gruß Rolf
  10. Hallo Helmut, benutzt Du evtl. ChasePlane mit der A330? Wenn ja, dann bitte auch die Option "ChasePlane" in den OPTIONS/CHECKLISTEN" aktivieren. Grund ist, dass wir auch die Aircraft.cfg modifiziert haben und ChasePlane diese automatisch ändert und die ChasePlane Option automatisch bei einer Neuinstallation deaktiviert ist. Gruß Rolf
  11. In the release notes (you will find at the beginning of this forum section) the reason for those breaks are stated as follows: VIEWFOCUS: When the checklists are running and if this option is enabled (standard), the view changes automatically to the item to be checked or set. So it easier to check and make the necessary settings. When the plane moves, there are small pauses between the various checklist items implemented, so that the pilot still sees where the plane is heading. For the same reason during FINAL APPROACH gear and flaps settings are exempted from a view change and keyboard controls should be used instead – if the Copilot is not used. Therefore it is impossible to remove / shorten this breaks. Only users who do not care what the CL and the Copilot is doing (running it as an automatic setting function) would benefit from it. But all other users (p.e. using ViewFocus) need those breaks to steer the plane when it is moving and the CL is running. Regards, Rolf
  12. In the Fuelplanner as well as in the MCDU and MCDU3 we do not consider "Taxi Fuel". Regards, Rolf
  13. OK seems to be plausible. But one more tip: After an update never use previously saved flights again because maybe new variables have been added or changed and those are of course not included in a previously saved flight. Regards, Rolf
  14. Thanks! OK we updated some weights in various files and it seems that we missed one. We are currently checking and let you know the result. Regards, Rolf
  15. Moto, what I do not understand is why WXR mode was set to WX on your system instead of WX+T. I asked you to start with C&D or TA aircraft state and using those states WXR mode is set to WX+T. So why this is different on your system? Or did you not follow my advice and used a saved flight state instead? I would like to know the root cause for this problem because only then maybe I am able to change something. The small stautters are not based on the CL but when the first time the ViewFocus is used and this specific feature is loaded. Regards, Rolf
  16. Sorry but this is a new subject and has nothing to do with the CL. Please open a new thread in the NAVIGATION section and another specialist / colleague will take care of this issue.
  17. Quite clear to me because you just remove the GPU and the EXT PWR switch on the OVHD is still in the ON position.
  18. Sorry but there were no changes regarding "navigation" included in the last update...... So please try it with a clean new install and let me know if your problems are solved. Regards, Rolf
  19. Mathias, please do not hijack another thread with a new subject. The reason for the brakes between the various CL items (when the plane is moving) is explained in the release notes - please see top thread in this scetion -. If you make your checks / settings you need to focus on that cockpit parts. So that you are still able to steer the plane or see where it is heading we introduced those breaks between the checks. Regards, Rolf
  20. Why are you not using the "ViewFocus" function? Then you would see that after the APU became available, the view automatic switches to the OVHD. Set APU BLEED to ON and on the OVHD (not in the MCDU3) the EXT PWR to OFF. This also automatically disconnects the EXT PWR GPU. Regards, Rolf
  21. As already mentioned the fix will be included in the next update - probably beginning of next week. Regards, Rolf
  22. Sorry, there was a mistake in my last answer. Unfortunately I was talking about "WXR SYSTEM" instead of "WXR MODE". Looking at your screenshots I see that WXR MODE is set to "WX". When you load one of the default aircraft states "Cold&Dark" or "Turnaround" the loaded setting for WXR Mode is "WX+T". So where is that wrong setting coming from? Did you maybe use a saved flight state as a startup and not like I always suggested to start from scratch? I believe if you change this then there should be no problems and the CL will commence. Regards, Rolf
  23. Because you are not using the Copilot the reasons for your problems might be the settings you personally make instead. I suggest to try it again with Copilot = ON and see what the copilot does. Next time then you know what to do when......
  24. Dear Moto, now I am completely confused and believe more and more that you are using a specific setting / installation which causes the problem. "WXR Mode" in the Cockpit Prep. CL checks that the SYS switch of the WXR Panel should be OFF e.g. stays in the middle and is not set to 1 or 2. Unfortunately I am not able to provide you a previous version like 1.4.1 because the different versions are not kept as a file on our server. What are your specific settings or which special installation you are using? Also I do not understand your remark "LVars were much listed than version on my Spad.next setting". Are you using a tablet and for what you use variables and which ones? Regards, Rolf
  25. What was the last item of the AFTER TAKEOFF CL you heard or which setting you made last? The last item of this CL is BARO REF and normally you are still below TRANS ALT. So you check / set the correct value (maybe using "B" from the keyboard). Then the CL should finish and TRANS ALT is the next item e.g. setting BARO to STD. Please try it this way or engage the Copilot to see what is the correct sequence..... Regards, Rolf
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