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  1. Copying certain files from one to another location never works because you do not know which files are used by a certain feature. For the CL to work properly there are a lot of files needed and sometimes I even know as the develloper which ones are necessary e. g. "delivering" the variables and its values I use in the CL. So I suggest that you make a complete new installation of the Aerosoft Airbus. If the problems then still persists please come back again.
  2. I still have no idea and I am not able to reproduce the issue. Are you by the way have FSCrew installed? I had another user who had the same problem that the CP CL (from D&C) stopped after APU FIRE TEST.... Finally we found out that there seems to be compatibility conflict with FSCrew e. g. after deinstalling (not just disabling it) it the problem was gone......
  3. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. You are saying that you do not use GSX e.g. you are using the MCDU3 CL Pushback menu? Did you try to start the TAXI CL manually e. g. using the MCDU3 CL menu? Are you using any other software like FSCrew? At which specific FlyTampa airport does this happen?
  5. We did not change anything in this respect so it must be related to the changes LM did in their last update. Did you already check the P3D Sound menu if the right devices are selected? Please send us a screen shot of this menu if you believe that everything is OK from the settings. Another questions in connection with the update: Did you make a new clean install or did you just updated the client? Regards, Rolf
  6. Sorry I have no idea why the CL is not working especially on FlyTampa airports. In the code there is no "connection" of the CL and the scenery used - so it must be a different problem. Some questions to identfy the problem: Did you have the INFOBAR option enabled in the MCDU3 CL menu? And what does it state e.g. does it state WAIT or already that you should start to taxi......? Did you try to manually start the TAXI CL in the MCDU3? If you did not get the WAIT message: Are your engines running and did you hear the "stabilized" call as well as set the parking brakes? Are you using GSX for the pushback and is the GSX option enabled in the MCDU3 Ground Service menu? Regards, Rolf
  7. Lee, I am sorry that you are not able to use the CL at all. On the other hand I am not able to reproduce the issue you mentioned. Can you please send us some screenshots of th MCDU3 e. g. the various pages which are "greyed" out so that we can get an idea of the problems on your side. Thanks. Regards, Rolf
  8. Please explain your problem a little bit more. The document you attached is from the previous Airbus version and since then the CL as well as other functionalities have been changed a lot. Unfortunately there is no other or such a documentation available for the Professional version. Regards, Rolf
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Robert, did you also enable the "INFOBAR" in the MCDU3 CHECKLIST menu? Then you will see that after the PARKING CL has been finished it will take app. 5 minutes until the plane is completely "reset" and in the TURNAROUND state. The you can start again. And by the way after the COCKPIT PREP CL has been finished and you see the message "CLOSE DOORS" you can use GSX and start its Pushback option. This automatically closes the doors, removes the jetways and starts the BEFORE ENGINE START CL. Please try again using the latest exp. version! Regards, Rolf
  11. Hi, sorry but I just saw this thread and think that I know what everybody is talking about. First this is a known CL matter which has nothing to do with FS2Crew and therefore I will move this thread to the right part of the support forum. In the DESCENT PREP CL both tables should be closed. But unfortunately this currently does not work e. g. the FO table stays open. Then in the APPROACH CL there is another check and the FO table must be closed to proceed. There the CL then stops. As w workaround currently please close it manually (maybe already before initiating descent) and the CL will proceed. This is a known issue and will be solved with the next exp. update.
  12. This means that you also have the same flight plan you use for the Airbus (but in a different format) already loaded in ActiveSky? Then it works without any problem at laeast on my system. Some queations in this connection: Which tool do you use to create the flight plan? Did you export the flightplan in two different formats (Aerosoft Airbus resp. FSX/P3D) to which folders? Did you load the flight plan in the FSX / P3D format into Active Sky? Regards, Rolf
  13. The issue will be solved with the next exp. update.
  14. Hi Gary, I looked at both videos and recognized a lot of things which you are doing different than what we intended (or the SOP we used) in our checklists! Just some examples: Why are you doing manually yourself some settings prior to its sequence in the various checklists? Why not all or none? Like starting the APU when the passengers are still boarding. APU start is part of the Before Engine Start CL! Manually opening and closing doors. This is included in the GSX integration e.g. doors will be opened (like for catering) / closed when necessary. One example is if you are calling the GSX pushback, then the jetway will be removed and all doors are automatically closed...... Another thing I recognized is that you used for BLOCK FUEL on the INIT B page not the planned fluel amount but the one which was currently available in the tanks - fueling was still running! Of course you can do what you like. But this was not the problem for the issue you mentioned. But it is always hard for us to find out what really happened if people are using their own flows. The real issue that the CL on your second flight was not commencing was that there was no "Engine Stabilized" call and therefore the CL stopped. The reason for this missing call we found out in the meantime is based on different BARO values e.g. the EPR is at idle at 1.009 and not at 1.010 - which is the min. value we use in the CL . This will be corrected with the next exp. update. In the meantime just move the throttle a little bit foward so that the EPR is equal or higher than 1.010 - then you will hear the call. It has nothing to do with your scenery....... Regards, Rolf
  15. Please exactly describe you problem in detail e.g. when the CL stops respectively what did you last do or what was the last call you heard. The best thing would be to provide us with a video. I do not believe that this is related to any airport but maybe to the baro value at that time at that airport - I had a similar issue with a user who got no "Engine Stabilized" call after engine start and therefore the CL stopped....... Do you get / hear that call? Regards, Rolf
  16. Thanks for the two videos. The issue you have is not based on AS but on the QNH itself. In case of 1.103 the Engine2 EPR runs up to 1.011 and in case of QNH 1.016 only up to 1.009 EPR. But in the CL we use a minimum value of 1.010 EPR for the "stabilized" message to be called. Because this value is not reached the message is not called and the CL does not commence. I am now discussing the different EPR values (based on different QNH) with my colleague who is responsible for the engines program. As soon as we come to a decission I will let you know the how we are going to solve the issue. Regards, Rolf
  17. So please tell me exactly what your are doing step by step and really I need any detail. Is the GSX-option in MCDU3 GROUNDSERVICES menu set to YES? When the Cockpit Preparation CL has been finished, did you just call the GSX Pushback function (which automatically closes all doors) and automatically starts the Before Engine Start CL? When it has been finished just follow the GSX instructions. Please do not use any MCDU3 option p.e. to manually start one of the two CL's. Those only should be used if no GSX pushback is used. The best thing would be to prepare a video........
  18. Could you please explain the issue you experience in detail as well as state the Airbus version you are using and that you use the latest experimental update......
  19. There is really no connection between the CL and ActiveSky - except the BARO Settings. But those settings are injected by AS into the sim and the CL takes it from there.
  20. Just one additional remark: The checklist sounds can only be heard if the view is set to the "inside" of the plane e. g. the VC. If you still have problems please send us first a screenshot of your MCDU3 OPTIONS SOUND settings......
  21. First this is an option in the GSX-Settings menu - which can be disabled. I suggest therefore first you try to disable this GSX option and check if then everything is working like previously. Another possibility is if you are asked by GSX for confirmation and both engines are really stabilized then open the GSX menu and select the "confirmation" option for good engine start. All this has nothing to do with flight plans or ActiveSky. So if you experience other problems then the one mentioned before please open a new thread for each issue....... Regards, Rolf
  22. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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