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  1. ECAM-RECALL: In RL if during the Cockpit Preparation CL the ECAM-RECALL button is pushed then the STS page (STATUS) comes up on the lower ECAM. This currently does not work yet and is on our list for open issues. So as a workaround (if you are not using the Copilot) you have to push the STS button itself. If you are using the Copilot everything works as required....... RADIO MANAGEMENT PANEL: Did you also set the standby Radio Management Panel on the OVHD to ON? I believe that this might be the reason....... Regards, Rolf
  2. Turning the Weather Radar on during Cockpit Preparation is a wrong setting! This can harm the people working around the plane like baggage handlers, pushback crew etc.because of radiation The settings we implemented are based on the input of RL pilots and also severly tested by them. Regarding batteries e. g. electric power I told you before that those settings in RL are made when the crew enters the plane the first time and therefore the previously made settings are accepted. But for me now this discussion is finished...... use the Checklist as required and do not try to invent something new! Regards, Rolf
  3. You should do this before the engines are running and the doors are closed e.g. after applying the C&D or the TA state. Because if p. e. the doors are already closed the passengers cannot board and cargo loaded ......... Regards, Rolf
  4. It seems that you are using "Wide View" whereas Aerosoft suggests to set this OFF...... Regards, Rolf
  5. FUEL PLANNER: After you made your settings you should push the button "Generate Loadsheet"...... If you open the MCDU 3 and open the LOAD / FUEL menu you then just push the LSK next to INIT LOADSHEET e.g. the values from the Fuel Planner are "imported". Then you can load the values in to the plane...... TAXI STATE: Did you already install the latest update 1.1.2 because there were some problems with aircraft states and doors but those should be solved by apllying the update...... Based on your question I suggest that you carefully read the manuals first before asking for support. Regards, Rolf
  6. I just checked one thing e. g. which settings you have to make p. e. for Weather Radar, ATC and TECAS during the Cockpit Preparation CL. All switches are in the right position (after loading the C&D ACFT STATE) e. g. you do not have to make any settings for those items during the CL. So I do not understand why you anyway made settings on those items? Set it when the CL stops to the right position and the CL will commence........ It is not the problem that you previously made any settings but the problem is that you made the wrong settings......! And in the CL we cannot cover all mistakes made by users because there are too many possibilites which we then would have to check ...... Regards, Rolf
  7. Sorry I do not understand your question completely. If you load the plane (using certain ACFT STATES) all the numbers are based on those states and not selected randomly. In RL p. e. there is always fuel on board depending on the state of the plane and it is never empty...... And the MCDU3 LOAD / FUEL menu offers also the possibility to "unload" passengers, cargo and fuel. So enter the values you want to have in your plane in the left column and then use the respective LSK on the right side to load or unload as required..........
  8. I see no reason why it is "sometimes usefull" to make certain settings before the respective call. For me this is "playing around" and has nothing to do with RL procedures which we wanted to implement . Also this means - when the checklist is already running - you are distracted from what you normally should do e. g. check if the settings are right. And regarding the differences: In RL certain settings are already made just after the crew had entered the plane and those are p. e. settings for the EXT LIGHTS, establish power etc. Please have a look into the tutorial. For those items the checklists accepts the already made settings ...... Regards, Rolf
  9. Should be solved with update 1.1.2
  10. Please update to 1.1.2 and you are now able to switch RWY and TAXI lights to ON before starting the TAXI CL......
  11. With update 1.1.2 those problems should be solved......
  12. Sorry I think this behaviour is correct as you have to load the C&D or TURNAROUND ACFT STATE before you can use the CL and in those states the settings for 1. and 2. are correct. So why you changed this settings before starting the CL? This is not the correct procedure........ Regarding 3. I changed this because I adjusted it to all the other Parking Brakes CL items - where the brakes never have been set by the Copilot..... Regards, Rolf
  13. Did you have a look into the A318-19 Configurator....... there is it possible to select between NavDataPro and Navigraph...... But the problem with Navigraph is currently that they are not yet providing their data to be downloaded to the right folder for the A318_A319 Professional...... Regards, Rolf
  14. Sorry this is absolutely correct. We changed this based on a requirement from RW pilots e.g. the EXT LIGHTS have to be switched OFF just after takeoff....... If you are too much occupied then use the Copilot and he will make the necessary settings like in RL...... Regards, Rolf
  15. Hanse

    Voice Sets

    Youe are right they were made on various ocassions because we needed additional calls during the development of the CL and Copilot function and we were not able to get a new complete set before release. But we are currently working on a new female PM set which will be released soon.......
  16. Wolfgang, this is what you should not do. If the Checklist is ON (and of course in the MCDU3 menu the GSX function is not enabled) then you should use the PB function which is integrated into the CL. The option in Groundservices should only be used by those people who do not use the CL but want to to use PB functionality the CL offers........ Regards, Rolf
  17. Both flightplans cannot be identically because one (for ActiveSky) should be in the P3D format and the one for Airbus in Aerosoft format....... ActiveSky cannot read Aerosoft flightplans and viceversa......
  18. Currently you can reduce the volume if you set to 0%. This is not the final solution but it will take time because the responsible developer is currently on vacation.......
  19. I looked into the code and to implement it would mean a lot of additional work because the situation at that point / altitude might be quite different from the one just before landing. A lot of things then have to be considered (not only the flaps setting) like Flightmode (before or on FINAL), GA altitude already set or not, FMA state etc. As this is a very special situation (until now the only request for it) and we are covering with the CL only normal operations I will not implement it. In such a case you have to do everything manually (switch off the checklist- and copilot-function) or wait until normally a GA is performed....... Regards, Rolf
  20. OK thanks for the information update e. g. its happens after reloading the ACFT STATE. This is a known problem and I am already working on it. Hopefully it will be solved soon...... Regards, Rolf
  21. Does this happen the first time trying to make a flight e. g. just after loading the plane or does it happen after you finished your first flight and use the automatic reset to TURNAROUND STATE? With which state are you starting e. g. D&C or TURNAROUND and is Copilot enabled from the beginning or not? I do need this information trying to recreate your situation and to see if it works on my system or if this a bug....... Regards, Rolf
  22. Because it seems that the problem has been solved I now close this topic......
  23. It is not necessary to mark those as bugs (observations are something else), but you should place them into the right section e. g. SteybyStep Guide / Checklist! I am the responsible DEV and in that section I would have already looked into it. "Follow GSX Instructions" means that in the MCDU3 you have selected the GSX-PB Option. There are no connections between the two programs and both are working completely independant. That means using the CL you just have to do what GSX tells you or not tells you. In this case just do what you would have done during a normal PB e. g. start the engines 2 and 1. Then you will see a message on the INFOBAR "WAIT" and after that that the procedure will commence with the AFTER ENGINE START CL....... If you have still problems or questions please place a thread using the right section. Regards, Rolf
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