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  1. Please explain in detail what PB procedure you used e.g. GSX or the one included in the Checklist. Did you use the Copilot? Did you see any additional information on the infobar after pushback. I need much more specific information to reproduce the issue...... Regards, Rolf
  2. If no DEF ACFT STATE is set in the MCDU3 then the plane should load in TAKEOFF STATE ......Looking at your description it seems to me that the TURNAROUND STATE is set to DEF. Regards, Rolf
  3. Are you using the checklist and copilot function? I assume not? But one thing is for sure: The cabin signs should be switched on after passing 10000 feet and to Off after setting the parking brake and the engines are cut. If this does not work on your system, then there is a bug...... Regards, Rolf
  4. To play the announcements you have to enable the option in the MCDU3 OPTIONS SOUND. Regards, Rolf
  5. Until now there is only the voiceset available which comes with the Installation and this is the reason why also this option has been deleted from the configurator. Regards, Rolf
  6. Ok, but as I am on the road I am not able to check it e.g. look into the code before next week. But to be sure please send me a screenshot of the cockpit after the ECAM LANDING MEMO is displayed as well as approach data like Airport, STAR, RWY etc. so that I am able to reproduce........ Regards, Rolf
  7. I implemented it before passing 10000 feet so that there is no overlapping with the actions done after passing 10000 feet .......The problem with the cabin lights crew announcements and the actions/calls when passing 10000 feet is that there maybe additional variable actions/calls like TA, distance to FCU ALT etc. which "shortens" the time for to the announcements and are not able to be calculated because the cabin signs announcements are based on altitude. Regards, Rolf
  8. I also use the Nvidia Inspector. In the newest version there is a profile for P3d which I use and only modified one setting: Frame rate limited to app. 33 fps and in P3d v4 to Unlimited. And it worked well since then no issues like the one mentioned on the ECAM. Regards, Rolf
  9. I do not understand what your question has to do with rendering or Nvidia Inspector. To me the ECAM screenshot looks OK. I believe you are before TAXI. During TAXI the autobrakes have to be set to MAX. The CABIN message will automatically disappear after some time as this is handled by the cabin crew when the cabin is ready for TO. Then everything is the same like in the previous version. Regards, Rolf
  10. If you use 2 on the keyboard normally this disables the copilot. In such a case use the MCDU3 and enable the copilot again.
  11. Are you also using GSX or have the option in the MCDU3 enabled? Do you use the checklist function? Please explain a little bit more specific what you are doing and the procedure when it happens.
  12. I beleave this has something to do with your settings or procedure as I am not able to reproduce it and until now you are the only one reporting this issue. Pease have a look at another thread in this section where a user reported problems with the Landing CL. The best thing for me to check would be if you can prepare another video please but using daytime...... Regards, Rolf
  13. Sorry to correct you but this was a requirement from one of our RL-pilots. Regards, Rolf
  14. What I just recognized looking again at your video is that your ALT is still managed and no GA ALT entered.....The quality is not so good so maybe I am wrong. Also you used the 2ndAP and later on also switched on the #1 AP. If you can prepare another video please use daytime and a higher quality so that I can see more details. Would be great. Thanks. Regards, Rolf
  15. The setting of the switches is not the trigger for playing the wave files but the altitude. If at those altitudes a lot of other things are going on, then those files are delayed and played after the other actions have been completed. I alredy added a delay but in some very few circumstances this might be enough. But if I add too much delay then in a normal case those two calls are coming too late. So you have to live with this ........Sorry Regards, Rolf
  16. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. No, you are right. Normally if you have finished one flight the plane is used for another flight and never for one flight only. But you can use the ACFT STATE MENU to set the plane to that state or do it yourself. Regards, Rolf
  19. OK. Currently I am travelling with no access to my PC and the code. Will be back on Sept.15th and then have a detailed look into it to see what triggers I definitely use to start the landing checklist. By the way what does the MCDU3 CL MENU state e.g. which CL is active (green or orange) at that time? I am still convinced it has something to do with your system/setup or procedure because until now you are the only one with this problem - and all others CL after that work as required....... Regards Rolf
  20. Gaz, did you check if the aircraft state correctly has been loaded? Sometimes this is the reason because loading is connected to it. Another reason might be that the TOW is not in the limits. Regards, Rolf
  21. Try using the MCDU OPTIONS and SOUND Menu to set the volume back to DEFAULT. If this does not help then it is a problem of your Windows Sound Settings and not the Aerosoft Airbus. Regards, Rolf
  22. The trigger for the Landing CL is the appearace of the ECAM landing memo (app. at 2000 ft RA) and that all settings are made. So first question: Does the memo appear? Next question: Are the settings made by the copilot? Is just the Landing CL missing or all CL then ? Did you maybe accidentally hit 1 on the Keyboard which stops the CL.? Can you reproduce the issue or did it happen only once? This is what I mean when I asked for more and specific Information. Regards, Rolf
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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