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  1. Why you guys do not search the forum before starting a new thread? Just below you entry is another one dealing with this issue:
  2. Have you also installed the A330 in P3D 4.5 on your system? I do not understand why CP does not detect the A330 in P3D v5 on your system? The only reason I see is that because both A330 version are using the same description that CP does not detect the A330 v5 version. I think I send you a detailed information and why are you not answering the questions? Just to say "I have not solved" is not the solution to the problem and does not give us the information to help you. The problem is that CP does not detect the A330 in v5! Normally CP should create a new aircraft.cfg and renames the original one. But as you have only one aircraft.cfg on your system it means that CP has not detected the A330. If you also run the A330 in v4.5 then you should copy the two files e. g. "aircraft.cfg" and "aircraft.cfg.fsfx_CP.bkp" from your 4.5 version to the v5 version. If you are not running the A330 v4.5 version on your system then it is not an Aerosoft problem and you should contact the ChasePlane support......
  3. Regarding the "Aerosoft Airbus A330 Pro V5" and "ChasePlane" there are few important things: ChasePlane should automatically detect that there is a new "aircraft.cfg" file (for the V5 version of the A330) - not already altered by ChasePlane . If yes it will automatically change this file and make a backup of the original file. Those two files you find in xxxxxx\Aerosoft A330 Pro V5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A333 RR Professional\ folder e. g. "aircraft.cfg" and "aircraft.cfg.fsfx_CP.bkp" If you are also running 4.5. sometimes CP does not detect the new v5 version of the A330 because of identical names. Then please copy those two files from your 4.5 version "Aerososft A333 RR Professional" to the v5 version of the "Aerosoft A333 RR Professional" and overwrite the existing "aircraft.cfg". If you start the A330 v5 the first time there will be a view conflict because automatically also the internal MCDU3 ViewSystem is enabled. Please set this in the OPTIONS / VIEWS menu to OFF and close P3D v5 as well as ChasePlane. Then start P3D v5, ChasePlane and the A330 v5 again and everything should be OK.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Please have look into the following topic because this might solve your problem:
  7. I think I now know what causes that behaviour. It is related to the ECAM RECALL check - the next one after the APU FIRE TEST. For this test it is necessary that the Displays-Selftest is finished (app. after 40 seconds) and the standards are displayed. To me it seems that after the C&D aircraft state has been loaded you are immediately starting the Cockpit Preparation CL. Normally before starting the CL the EXT PWR is set to ON, then the 3 batteries are set off and the NAV & LOGO as well as the STROBE light are set to AUTO = 1. Make sure that the displays selftest has been finished and then start the CL. I strongly advise to follow SOP and as well care for the CL - do not do something different when it is running - and maybe also use ViewFocus. Then you would have realized that when the ECAM lower screen is in selftest that the ECAM Recall check cannot be performed.
  8. Please then tell me exactly what happens: Do you thear the PnF call "APU Fire Test"? Do you hear and see that the test is performed e.g. is the light blinking and do you hear the bell? Do you hear after that the call "Checked"?
  9. If you search the forum you will find another thread regarding the same issue. Are you also using FSCrew or any of their products? Until now we do not know why but if FSCrew is used there is a 40 sec break after the APU fire test. In this case please contact their support....... Regards, Rolf
  10. But anyway the MCDU was not completely set up because I see on the PFD 100 as target speed and that menas to me the MCDU PERF DATA are still missing. OK but let us stop this discussion. Are you able to reproduce the issue you mentioned? Does this happen every time or did it just happen once? In the first case I need much more information (or a video would be the best) so that I am also able to reproduce it. If I cannot reproduce it I cannot help. Sorry!
  11. Looking at the provided screenshot I see that there is no F-PLAN loaded as well as the MCDU not completely setup. Normally this should have no influence on the CL but to me it means that you did not follow the normal SOP to get to this point e. g. TAXI. Another point I do not understand is why after manually loading the aircraft state TAXI in the MCDU3 CL menu the TAXI CL is not displayed in "orange", Please see the screenshot attached how it should look like....... To me it seems that there is something wrong with your installtion.......!
  12. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  13. Sorry but I just tried to reproduce the issue you mentioned e.g. that using the A320-A321 after a turnaround there are problems in connection with starting the BEFORE ENGINE START CL. I cannot confirm it e. g. on my system it worked without any problems. The procedure I used is as follows: After arriving at the gate and the PARKING CL has been finished I completely followed the instructions on the INFOBAR and also waited until after 4 minutes the plane status was automatically completely reset. I connected using GSX the jetway / stairs Then I started (using GSX) to board pax, cargo as well as fuel. During this process I already started the COCKP PREP CL. When GSX boarding / loading was completed I used the GSX option to "Prepare for PB" Automatically the jetway was removed, doors were closed and the BEFORE ENGINE START CL started. I am out of any option to help you. If you follow the a. m. procedure it should work as intended. If not then there is something wrong on your installation - either the Airbus or GSX - .
  14. From the picture I see that you did not start "5. Prepare for pushback and departure". Is there a reason? OK before I start again to try to reproduce the issue please tell me which Airbus model you are using and also are you still on P3d v4.5?
  15. This means to me that a certain file might be corrupt or is missing. The only solution I have is to reinstall the software. Maybe the attached document might be helpful. The Livery Manager is not a beta-version but the problem is that there are nearly no repaints for the A330 which meet our requirements for repaints. Regards, Rolf Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure(2).pdf
  16. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  17. I just tried the procedure using the A330 and found no issues in the turn around procedure e. g. after the COCKP PREP CL has been completed I called the GSX PB procedure (jetways were removed and doors closed by GSX) and the BEFORE ENG START CL started.......
  18. OK, during the next couple of days I will have a look into this e. g. will try to reproduce the issue. As soon as I know something more I will let you know.
  19. What do you mean by "when I tried this method"? Does it mean that you manually tried to close the doors and nothing happens? Were all doors really closed? Can you send me a screenshot of the MCDU3 DOOR menu so that I am sure? Thanks.
  20. Did you try not to close the doors manually but after "servicing" has been fished to call pushback from the GSX menu? This will automatically close the doors and start the BEFORE START CL. Please also check if the GSX option in the MCDU3 Groudservices menu is enabled!
  21. The "Retard" Call is based on altitude. So maybe there is a problem with the altitude of the airport itsself or the position. Do you use any add-on airport and do you experience this on every or just on certain airports / runways?
  22. It seems to be a connection / configuration problem. Please have a look into the P3D v4.5 menu and open "Add-ons". There you should see an GSX entry. If not this means that GSX generally is not recognized as an add-on by P3D v4.5. This has nothing to do with the A330. I suggest that you do a complete new fresh GSX install. This should solve the problem.
  23. Copying certain files from one to another location never works because you do not know which files are used by a certain feature. For the CL to work properly there are a lot of files needed and sometimes I even know as the develloper which ones are necessary e. g. "delivering" the variables and its values I use in the CL. So I suggest that you make a complete new installation of the Aerosoft Airbus. If the problems then still persists please come back again.
  24. I still have no idea and I am not able to reproduce the issue. Are you by the way have FSCrew installed? I had another user who had the same problem that the CP CL (from D&C) stopped after APU FIRE TEST.... Finally we found out that there seems to be compatibility conflict with FSCrew e. g. after deinstalling (not just disabling it) it the problem was gone......
  25. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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