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  1. Anyway, I'm not gonna start calling you guys names and stuff like that, it's just a bit disappointing, that's all. Its pretty much because of a technicality that it's going to cost me another €20, that seems wrong. If the other store had offered to honour Aerosofts upgrade to the bundle scheme I would've been the owner of that and would've been eligible for the bundle upgrade cost. Or if Aerosoft had offered to sell me the bundle upgrade at the time, the same - I asked but it wasn't allowed. Regardless, no hard feelings - thanks at least for the individual product upgrade discounts.
  2. But I already own all 4 of the aircraft!!! That means I own practically the same stuff as the bundle owners, correct? Surely shouldn't have to pay another €20 compared with them despite owning the same files?
  3. Hi. Is it possible to enable me to upgrade my 2 separate previous Airbus packs to the bundle, please? I couldn't do the previous discounted offer (for owners of the A320/321 when buying the A318/319) that Aerosoft provided as I'd bought the first pack from another online store and they (unhelpfully) refused to provide the same offer. I later added the second pack in a sale. It would be nice as there is a €20 difference between having to buy discounted separates now and buying the bundle, despite them being pretty much the same thing in terms of content! Any help appreciated, many thanks. Edit, I already bought the a318/319 pack earlier, thinking an option would be available to add the second pack as if it were a bundle.
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