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  1. Thanks for the info Mathijs. I read your reply as saying that there's no difference in the basic environment of MFS if using the boxed version versus the download version apart from the lack of the initial download for the install. In other words, no matter how I get this onto my PC I've got to log in to my microsoft account on my sim pc to "play this game". I guess I'll just have to learn to live with the new approach. It certainly looks worth putting up with a bit of inconvenience for, and I shall look forward to seeing what Aerosoft and ORBX come up with for the new beast. I've
  2. If I buy and install this boxed version, would I still have to log in to my sim pc via my microsoft account/login to be able to use MFS? I prefer to use a local login, but the Sim PC doesn't register on the MS Game/FS site unless I'm logged in via my microsoft account. And does it still have to go into the "WindowsApps" folder? (I really hate being told where to put stuff on my PC, and I loathe hidden and protected folders)
  3. Just got a new PC and am upgrading P3D to v5. Would rather like to get this aircraft but only if it's v5 tolerant. Can't see any reference to it on the shop site as v5, but would it work there? thanks
  4. Hi Mathijs, quite the reverse! Personally, I feel any P3D v5 will have to be pretty special to warrant an upgrade in the light of the current state of XP11 and the anticipated state of MS FS. I've spent a fortune over the years on add-ons for P3D (all the Orbx stuff, most of your stuff and countless others) and in most areas it now feels well behind XP in terms of pure joy when flying, and I can only drool at what I've seen of MS FS. So - go for it! All I'd add is that I'd love to see a good A318 for X-Plane11, but as you didn't mention that I guess I'll wait for FS. Th
  5. Hi Heinz, I might have a look at those, thanks. I suspect I'll probably just leave it all as is and just switch the payware version on or off depending whether I'm playing around at ground level or not. If I'm exploring the airport itself I'll use the payware version, but otherwise I'll leave it disabled. cheers, Andy
  6. Hi Heinz, thanks for the response. Your screenshot is exactly what I'm seeing on my system. No need for a support ticket, I'm not reporting this as a problem, but to my eyes this is too much of a colour mismatch to feel comfortable with. I was just wondering if there was a simple file or two I could disable to remove the backgound photoscenery to allow whatever is there in the default XP / Aerosoft EGLL to show up, as I assume the underlying landscape is basically the same for the payware and built-in airports. I might try playing with WED but I'm a bit of a novice with
  7. Hi, after a bit of self-debate I bought the EGLL Heathrow for XP11. Wasn't entirely sure as Aerosoft obviously supplies the built-in version for XP11 but eventually decided I'd go for it to get the full versions of all the airport buildings (even though the supplied one is actually pretty good). I'm very disappointed with the result. The underlying (ground) scenery is very washed out and a serious mismatch for the ORBX TrueEarth GB scenery in which it sits. It seems as if the footprint of the payware version is large than that of the included XP11 version, so myh questi
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