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  1. Hi, Aerosoft just tried Mega Airport Dublin and all seems to be working besides the ground flies such as the BGL's Will you's be updating Dublin to make it compatible in V4? And if so will get itself its own update in insim indetails such as working jetways or optimisation.. or just a compatible with V4 update ? many thanks, dean
  2. All these Features are really good but Most people would be even more happy abou this A330 Project if yous made a GE-6 Engine Variant and the other Aircract Variant -300
  3. please do because some people may light not like the preset and would like to dim each one slighty if they want
  4. indeed but its a nice feature to have for the ND and the shaders not just the front but the shaders at the side windows too..
  5. hhi great to see a few more previews...what would be cool to had in the v/c would be the individal TERR ON ND feature so one side you could have the weather and the terrian on the other................and also model the window shades would add more realism in the V/C in the cruise which in real life they use everyflight...
  6. ok so if it listed what does that mean it will be a livery on release of the a330?
  7. I just want to this to mr.kok and toma320 nowadays as customer we see the flight sim having make better scenery,aircraft and performance increase improving since the past few years....I would like to say that we as the customer in 2016 we are looking not for the basic aircraft addon but with some complexity but we aren't expecting Pmdg/FSlabs complexity but a bit more than the basic one like your A320X which I like and fly a lot!....I personally wouldn't mind paying top dollar price for this aircraft if yous would to consider making some sort of complex more the a320 series of yours...I think you may see that not just me but everyone else would to see this a330 addon be superB in everyway possible
  8. HI i was wondering for this airbus a330-200 will there be a GE-6 engine variant as it sounds much different than the RR/PW... lots of airlines use the GE-6 variant engine than the RR/PW engine variant so it would be good to add the GE-6 model....AS right if its not in the a330 on release i will not the buy the product and i know pletty of others wont either...ailines like,Aer Lingus,KLM,Qantas,Turkish,Delta,Philpinnes,US Airways,Jet Airways,Air berlin... so it would be wise to add this variant as i have said if not people would be put off buying your product as they cant fly their favourite airline!
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