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  1. Hi, In my livery with the English panel fonts, I don't have the "start switch" below the clutch handle. Hence, this particular livery is not able to start. I have seen in videos over you tube that, in this very same livery the switch is there . In the rest of the liveries (with the Cyrillic fonts) the start switch is right there. Do I having any graphic issue or is this particular livery diferent to the others? I am running the last updated version of the aircraft. Any help? IPA
  2. Problem solved by the hard way...... REINSTALL!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT. ipa
  3. Stefan, the light never worked. Nor in the ground with EXT PWR/APU nether after ENG START. However, Landing Lights works. Thanks for your concern. IPA
  4. well, thank you. It is sad to be lonely in the world of bugs......
  5. Yes, I can confirm that my settings are as per the manual.
  6. Let me check it. BTW, thank you for your awesome support.
  7. Hi: My exterior lights: Beacons, Nav, Wing, Strobe, Taxi, etc are not working. Any Help? Windows 7. A 318 Air France Livery Thank you IPA
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