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  1. fixed the issue. Is related to starting the defaut P3d plane with the strobes on. If I start the CRJ directly from the plane selection menu the issue is gone.
  2. Recently installed CRJ latest version. On the ground with the airplane cold and dark there is a ghost flashing light ( like a beacon light) outside the aircraft. All the plane lights are off ! Using P3Dv3 latest version.
  3. coqui297

    Egine sounds

    Hey Hans, any update with the engine sound issue discussed above ? Thanks ......
  4. coqui297

    Egine sounds

    Is there is anybody alive here in this forum to answer questions ??
  5. Recently have noticed ( all updates installed via the Aerosoft updater ) that when advancing the throttles from idle( taxing ) at the beginning it sounds like the engines are spooling in reverse momentarily. However, there is no indication of reverse thrust in the EICAS or no deployment of the reverse animation in the outside view. The same thing happens when reducing throttles back to idle while taxing. Any clues ? everything else is OK. Carlos.
  6. Yes, any updates on the new hotfix ? 10 days ago was on final testing !
  7. coqui297

    RNAV STAR problem

    Hey Hans, any update on the hotfix you mentioned last week ?
  8. coqui297

    TERRAIN Alert

    I was hoping for a simple hotfix rather than waiting weeks for a new installer or version ! Thanks
  9. coqui297

    TERRAIN Alert

    How can we fix it ? Any hotfix available ? Thanks / Carlos
  10. Still a hit and miss sometimes it doesn't want to stow even on idle thrust !
  11. Never mind figure it out. Is working well. Thanks
  12. The reverser buckets issue persist in version
  13. coqui297

    Next Update Release?

    And I hope they also fix the engines reverse buckets issue as well! Carlos.........
  14. Any updates on this issue ? I also have the same issue with the latest version. Thanks. Carlos