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  1. I Don't remember if I installed Hotfix 1, But I do have installed hotfix 2. Is there any problem with that?
  2. Hi!! I've been using Madrid scenery since it was released and you did a great job!. However, as an Apron Service Operator working at the Terminal 2 Control Tower I've noticed that there are some stands missing. We normally use T6W, T9W, T11W, T13W, T18, T19 and T20W for AEA wide-body aircraft (B788, B789 and A333). Those stands are not created in the scenery. Would it be possible to add them at some point? There's also a slope on GATE3 towards the terminal that would be nice to simulate, ( this one causes a lot of problems to aircraft taxing with only one engine). You did a great job with this scenery! Thank you!! If you need any other information regarding the real airport for any other upcoming update I will be pleased to help (as long as it is legal xD) Regards
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