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  1. Thanks it is working now.. Thanks to all Aerosoft staff..
  2. Sulaimaniyah International Airport in Kurdistan Iraq Airport official site www.sulairport.net With Kurdistan Airlines http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.sear...inct_entry=true
  3. I have trying but not work :cry: What can i do to run installing igen, I have olso Remove from regesiter (regedit) but not working!! :cry: Please anyone just tell me how can i remove befor installing :?: Thanks Diar
  4. Hello, Sory my english is bad. I have buy Lukla X - Mount Everest from Aerosoft. I have Your Uninstaller Lukla X - Mount Everest.. Now iam trying to install Lukla X - Mount Everest igen.i get a massege the say(Lukla X - Mount Everest is arely installet pleas Uninstaller Uninstaller to run install igen) how can i fix this messge. Thanks
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