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  1. jmrtlara

    Flickering screen

    I think this solved my issue, thank you!
  2. jmrtlara

    Flickering screen

    I will give this a try after my current flight ends. Although I want to report that the flickering issue as soon as I crossed 10,000 ft. on the descent. Odd. 🤨
  3. Please see the video in the link below. I first noticed this with the A321 but now also happening with the A320. It does *NOT* happen to any other aircraft add-on and seem to be limited to the Aerosoft. In this example, I departed out of Boston, and while on the ground the flickering did not happen and only started en-route. It also does not happen when I am on an external view.
  4. jmrtlara

    Managed speed issues

    Thanks. I will keep logging enabled and will share here once I encounter it again. Will it be properly recorded even if I change immediately to selected mode? I wouldn't want to hit A.Floor while climbing to cruise level
  5. jmrtlara

    Managed speed issues

    Okay, I will..where can I find the log file afterwards?
  6. jmrtlara

    Managed speed issues

    This is my 3rd flight using and it happened while I was climbing. CI 35.
  7. jmrtlara

    T/D calculation way off

    I am currently doing a new flight to Boston, I will try and descend at the T/D mark and see how it performs.
  8. Just by looking at the ND, you can already's asking me to descend from FL340 at that point. It also did not program the correct vertical profile from the STAR. Problem was resolved by me entering the correct alt constraints. Just thought I'd point this out. Using the most latest update via reinstall.
  9. jmrtlara

    Elevators not working

    Please see the screenshot. Note the side stick position and FCTL page. The elevator remains stuck, even when inspected visually on spot view. It's not really much of an issue, it only bothers me during flight control checks after start. Because after a while it starts working again. What could be causing this? I apologise if this has been posted already. (Full down deflection) (Full aft deflection)
  10. Hello, Apologies if an update to this was released already, but I am using the latest version on V4.4, and noticed that this issue still persists on the A321. Pitch angle is always +10 deg on appr on managed speed.
  11. jmrtlara

    Strange Managed Speed problem

    I'm also adding myself to the affected users, I only encountered this issue now after hundreds of hours in the same aircraft. I only updated recently by the way, using the updater. After I was issued a DIRECT-TO by ATC, I noticed that the aircraft is not flying the managed speed.
  12. Please see the photo. The only way I can fly without it hitting A.Floor is by selecting speed. This is the first time I encountered this issue, not sure what is wrong.