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  1. Now the pictures of yesterday'S flight: Start in Brindisi @ 16:45 local. Nice Scenery even though it is for free. A little bit off course but still ok. Got to stick to cockpit instruments than looking out of the window....but it is so beautiful out there Smooth clouds over Calabria I like the sunsets from Cockpit-View! Mt. Etna in last sunlight. Beautiful!! Strait of Messina Thunderstorm east of Sicily Passing Mt. Etna Cathania by night. Good bye Italy Welcome to Malta Shutting down and securing the Aircraft. Just when I set the parking break it started to rain here... lucky hmm?
  2. Although there were Sigmets for Malta I decided to give it a try to get there today. So I took the Baron 58 again and "Take Off". Luckily there where no thunderstorms until I reached the Strait of Messina. Lightings went down far east of my position so I took a route closer to the Etna. After passing Etna thunderstorms were all over the place. So I requested ATC to clear me to FL130. With thunderstorms around Sicily behind and Malta in front, I tried to enjoy the panorama until my decend for approaching Malta Luqa. Soon after passing the clouds there were no clouds over the Airport. Only some thunder in the distance. Smooth landing and taxi to the GAT-Parking. Tomorrow I finally try to leave Europe over to Tunis (no landing) and start my run along the coast of Northern Africa - almost the same route Rommel took on his way to the border of Egypt. That's why I call it "Rommel-Route"!! Hope u will follow me on my way. As usual.. photos will follow tomorrow before take off due to lack of time this evening. ( At 4:00am the bell rings me out of bed to get to work!) Good night!
  3. As promised now the pictures of yesterday's flight to Brindisi (LIBR). I hope that the pics are a bit better. Unfortunately my planned trip to the northern coast of Africa has to be cancelled due to thunderstorm and icing conditions over Malta and the south of Sicily. Hope for better weather tomorrow... Taxi to Rwy 07 with skyline of Paris in the back. Nice view! Busy evening Positive rate.....Gear up! Sunset over France - Au revoir! Fly me to the moon.... Arrival to Italy close to ToD. Short Final Rwy 33. Nice low Approach over the city and harbour.
  4. Ehm. I will do island hopping from Tokyo via Henderson Field and Honolulu to San Francisco using the Airbus A318. Fuel Planner said that with pax and some cargo it will handle the distance. And I always have about 2.5 to 3.5 tons of reserve. Even when I just fly short and med leg in germany/europe. Perhaps I can do a screenshot this afternoon.
  5. I just landed in Brindisi but I cant add the photos tonight. Some details so far: Airbus A-318 "Pride of Paderborn" has taken me over the Alps to the south-end of the Appenin. Take off: 17:19 in Le Bourget Landing about 19:10 in Brindisi. Nice view on the moon as a lighthouse on this subleg. You will see it tomorrow in the pictures! Good night and happy landings for your trips!!
  6. Ok we are enroute.. T/O @6:06 London time. Landing @7:32 Here are some impressions of this "Warm-Up-Flight" Take of and traffic pattern to leave London City. Heading east into the sunrise with Thames estuary below. First business for London airports on its way. Leaving England by crossing Dover with clear sky. Hmm...another participants of this journey? Calais covered. First sunrays @ FL130. Crossing Charles-De-Gaulle.... to enter left downwind Rwy 07! Short after I got landing clearance. Hmmm. Is it possible to lend that Concorde to use in this event? P.S.: I just figure out that poor image quality. Got to fix that until next flight. Hints welcome. See u guys!
  7. As I promised I wanna share my first route attemp. I believe that this will change in some parts during the journey. Weather will be the most important aspect which has to be taken into count for the final route planning. Hope that all the other participants have a joyfull journey and will return safely back to London. Perhaps we can meet for a drink (your choice) in one of the cities on the route!!
  8. A short calculation of this trip: 21588nm distance. Pictures will follow
  9. Hello fellow captains. I try to do this challenge as well, using the Aerosoft Airbus-Fleet for medium and long distances. For example transatlantic/-pacific and some cross continental legs. For all the other trips I use all the standard single and twin engine aircrafts of FSX - I prefer Beechcraft King Air 350 and Baron 58 or Cessna 172!! I can't wait for the start because I have chosen a very delicate travel method from Italy to Port Said. I call it the "Rommel-Route" but futher details when I get there. My overall route will go from London City Airport via Paris (Le Bourget) to Brindisi followed by a cross over the Mediterranean Sea to Port Said. From there I wanna travel along the Red Sea with a stop in Aden to add supply for the Indian Ocean crossing to Bombay. Then my path leads from Bombay via Calcutta, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai to Tokyo as an adequate alternytive to Yokohama of the original story. My plan for pacific crossing ist to reverse american approach of WWII from Tokyo to Henderson Field and Honolulu (perhaps with one day at Waikiki Beach? ) to San Francisco. (If Fuel Planner is right I can make this with the A318 instead of A320 including some pax AND cargo). After this my route takes me from KSFO via Sacramento, Ogden, Omaha to Chicago and New York. Transatlantic Route isnt planned completly to its end but destination is Cork. From there it is planned to stop in Dublin and Liverpool for the last part to London.
  10. I would like to choose my beloved A320 for medium and long legs. But for short distances and "low-alt-vfr" a Cessna 172. I know that the first ones were build in the 50's but built until the eighties. So for me it is no problem to class it to modern too. Espacially with its Auto-Pilot and other modern equipment of the default 172 in FSX. And it would fit into the above shown classification of Bragametro. Can u give a full clear for my choice Matthijs?
  11. Just a short question about a minor detail of the route. First of all as a child almost 20 years ago) I watch the cartoon version of the original story which is slightly different but as close as possible to the original - only names are adjusted and some minor changes in the story for children understanding. Just this summer ( if you can call it with all that rain here in germany) I watch it again with my children and they were fascinated. So I wanna try to do this challenge because they like it when I am flying on my simulator so I do it for them too. Now back to topic: In Hong Kong Passpartout and Mr. Fog are seperated. Passpartout goes direct to Yokohama while Fogg did an extra tour via Shanghai ( see in wikipedia for details). Which "version" has to be redone? Hong Kong - Shanghai - Yokohama oder Hong Kong - Yokohama? Regards Jens
  12. I already wished this in another thread but to be complete I repeat it here, because I did not find it yet: LTU My favorite, the old version - the new one - Just to be nostalgic
  13. Sorry for my unusual wish but I'm a little bit nostalgic. I will go mad if it's possible to get a livery of the "LuftTransportUnternehmen" also known as LTU. Espescially from the '90s. Example: I like the Red/White coloring combined with its simple design. In addition Red is my favorite color, so it would be great to have this one.
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