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  1. I will buy it as soon as it goes on sale at simmarket or justflight looks great pavel
  2. Any news on this fix it’s been ages please
  3. I wish all developers would be like you that actually show the progress like you do I think it actually helps with the development it brings excitement and it saves grief with people asking the same question all the time that is when is the release date thank you for this and for being up front I am not Slovakian but my ex is and I have been there many times in the past so it’s great and missed place in the sim
  4. The question is why you still supporting dead platforms like the 32 bit if you a d others don’t stop supporting them then the sims will not evolve
  5. this is the problem when using other vendors to sell a product the update was sent friday theres no reason why isnt out yet
  6. hi there thank you for this great scenery but theres alot of issues with the range of the jetways and them not waiting to work with the fs labs at least i have not tried with other aircraft yet ,gate b9 the jetway its there but not being recognised in the gsx menu when activating sode i get this message saying its to close when its not same goes for b8/same goes for c9 / and e6g it says its to low there probably more but i had no time to test any further can this be looked at please as it spoils the scenery thats the point of having the jetways and the vdgs its for the aircraft to dock in the right place and the jetways to work thank you in advance
  7. Can you please unlock the download file thank you
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