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  1. Here you have an example with the MSI Afterburner. 93% use of CPU... I don't think it's normal. I can show you with the framerate of X-Plane itself
  2. Both of them are. I'll change my motherboard in a few weeks and everything will change again. The chipset driver is fully updated. Very strange.
  3. The prove itself in an image (23 FPS, what the hell?) with few clouds (from Active Sky high performance textures). NVIDIA graphics driver also updated a few minutes ago. I don't know what and why is happening this to me.
  4. I normally update the graphics driver once it's released. I'm trying today again but without the NVIDIA GeForce Experience...
  5. I have your Airport Barcelona XP scenery since October 2020 with the 1.1 update installed when it got out. However, I have a big trouble with it: The extremely low fps during approach phases to all available landing runways excepting rwy 20 (as it not used for them). My PC specs are the next: Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Graphics card: Nvidia RTX 3070 RAM: 32 GB 3000 MHz Hard disk: 1 TB SSD NVMe Gigabyte To give an example: With the FF A320 or Zibo 737 I only reach 20 to 23 fps during the APP phase to the rwy 02 at night (with my PC its abnormal). Same happens with both 25R or 25L and 07L (day and night with this last rwy). I normally use Simheaven Europe XP (I know it quits a bit of fps - of course with this issue I must eliminate it from my scenery library -) Is there any solution or a great update in the near future?? Cheers
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