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  1. Was doing some scenery maintenance, and noticed that there is a dupe library object in Antarctica X. I'm not sure if duplicate objects cause problems or not, but it seems like a good idea not to have them. At any rate the duplicate object is Casey_Sled01 in both sanae_library.bgl and casey_library.bgl. scott s. .
  2. For a scenery as large as Antarctica X, it would be nice to be able to specify the install directory for the main scenery area, rather than forcing it under the main FSX folder. I tried to change the install location when running the installer, but that just resulted in a "Flight Simulator X not found" error until I replaced the install path. So I let it install and then moved the folders afterward. scott s. .
  3. Thanks. Got it. Took a spin from Long Seridan in the highlands to Mulu: scott s. .
  4. Looking fowrard to this paint. scott s. .
  5. I also would greatly appreciate a MASWings paint. I've gone so far as download the paint kit for it although I'm not a painter. scott s. .
  6. Thanks, my wife was complaining it was too loud (doesn't see m to bother me, though! scott s. .
  7. I have the Discus 1.6 installed with CumulusX! 1.8 licensed. On the C4, I put the cursor on the volume and adjust it up/down, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Is this supposed to work? I've been using the Discus B WL though I don't see that would make a difference. scott s. .
  8. Thanks. I will play with it and see how things go. scott s. .
  9. I looked at the old thread on Active Sky and CumulusX! but I think maybe it needs updating for 1.8? When using Active Sky (enhanced), I have options in that program set to not generate thermals or ridge lift. But in reading CumulusX! document, it seems like sometimes station weather is used and sometimes global weather, and I wonder how that is impacted by programs like like Active Sky. Also, Active Sky has an option called "direct wind control" which seems to set global weather and disables station weather. Is there some way to determine the weather that cumulusX! is responding to (mayb
  10. thanks I will check it out. scott s. .
  11. I looked through the airport list, and can't find any way to demo AES for FSX. I'm interested in seeing how it compares to FS9. It appears that there is an airport for LOWK that is supported, but I can't find any such file for FSX, only LOWK2007 for FS9. scott s. .
  12. Interesting. The other day some one was asking about WMBU and doing a little searching found a pix which IIRC had a MAS Wings twin otter in it. Would also like a paint for this. scott s. .
  13. Thanks I am not sure how I missed that. I take it whatever winds are injected into FSX by the external weather program will determine the ridge lift (aside from topography of course)? scott s. .
  14. Thanks for 1.5!! I have been away from CumulusX! since I've been on sp1 only, but with the new Discus I broke down and installed sp2 so now can get back to it. One thing I haven't seen is how does CumulusX! work with external weather programs like Active Sky? I think Active Sky advertises thermals, though I don't think it was ever explained just how it generates them. scott s. .
  15. Some authorities provide VFR approach or area charts as part of the "charts related to an aerodrome" section of their AIS. Quality varies. scott s. .
  16. Here's a couple thoughts, scenery based: Currently it requires 3rd party tools to disassemble the game-format scenery (i.e., bgl). It's difficult to think of a sim (assuming it is open to 3rd party development) that doesn't allow/need some sort of disassembly of the delivered scenery. Providing a tool, or at least sufficient info so that reverse engineering is not needed is desirable. MS have gone a long way with allowing source data in the form of GeoTiff for raster terrain and shapefile for vector terrain. A capability to use the same formats (and tools for converting into sim-format) i
  17. thought I would take a look , but I guess they are too popular as link comes back "daily quota exceeded"! scott s. .
  18. i think I need a fix for the fix. The file AS_TWINOTTER_ASC_Interim_fix.zip installs into simobjects, instead of simobjects\airplaces which I assume was intended. update: OK I manually moved the file into my panels folders, but I don't get any click sounds. asc.dll is enabled and listed in my fsx.cfg, the aerosoft_sound_system_TW folder is installed under the 300 sound folder, but no clicks. Tried 300 modern and 100. scott s. .
  19. I played around with the continent myself, moreso in fs2k2 and some in FS9. I was mainly interested in McMurdo, but it was really hard in fs2k2. I did a little work on FSX. It is easy to work the terrain data with it in polar stereographic projection. The problem comes once you export into lat/long for FSX everything gets so distorted its hard to visualize what you see. The question I have, is what are you doing about sea level? Are you modeling ice shelves or sea ice as above sea level? How do you transition to sea level? that was the problem I was faced with using the DEM data I had
  20. Sorry to say, but I think my problem was operator malfunction. I'm afraid I wasted everyone's time thanks for the help, though, it did get me back on track. scott s. .
  21. It does seem like I'm having trouble with hotkeys, but don't have a good way to trouble shoot. scott s. .
  22. Since doing the upgrade ctrl-shift-w no longer works. I checked out the vistaMere hotkey assignment and it is in there. AESHelp works, and knows about my aircraft. I can see the marshaller, so something is happening, I just don't get the dialog any more. Any ideas? scott s. .
  23. Hi. New member here. I came because I started flying gliders in FSX due to Aerosoft DillinghamX and then found out they are working on a nice glider. From what I've learned, soaring in FSX is on this basis: There are what amount to autogen thermals generated based on the landclass defined in the file "ThermalDescriptions.xml. As stated, the "birds" in the thermals are hard to see. There is a replacement, which creates a cumulus cloud over the thermal (not as good as the clouds in, say, ASX, but better than having to turn on green spirals). In addition to these thermals, there are
  24. 0.4 is working great for me on xp. Thanks! scott s. .
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