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  1. Yes sure i will try again with a new P3D.cfg
  2. Im using a Button of my Joystick (X52 Pro), yeah im sure that the conditions are correct to retract the flaps. Same after Landing. i can retract the Flaps without a problem to position 2 but i cant fully retract Its working fine with all other Aircrafts like: PMDG , Aerosoft A320, Fslabs A320 and QW 787
  3. Shortly after Takeoff i cant retract the Flaps from Position 2, same issue after Landing (Flaps Full) i can only retract the Flaps from Full to Flaps 2... Is this a know issue?
  4. same problem here re-booted, re-installed 5 times incl. C++ 2015-2019
  5. New Edelweiss Livery A330-300 HB-JHQ https://m.planespotters.net/photo/890979/hb-jhq-edelweiss-air-airbus-a330-343
  6. Edelweiss Air A330-223 ( HB-IQI ) A330-343 ( HB-JHQ )
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