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  1. Ah turns out I have the P3D v3 version, ahaha completely missed the release of the professional series guess I'll at least take advantage of the 10% which is appearing luckily, thanks!
  2. Hi there everyone, trying to get the 18 euro discount as I own the *Upgrade* to the a318/19 so does that mean I don't get it? because technically the a318 product I own is itself an upgrade?
  3. is it a Taxi2Gate scenery? The Jetway looks kinda like theirs...
  4. damn, i thought the pmdg 777 was there. oh well.
  5. Is there an updated version of the list of products available to discount?
  6. are you talking about singapore virtual airlines group ceo? I am also in your VA.
  7. I have a question. How much of a discount is there on your products (does this include the pmdg you sell)
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